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Spayed Wednesday, Staining Thursday

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My 5 1/2 month old sisters, Charlotte & Bridget, were spayed Wednesday. Charlotte seems to have handled everything just fine. Bridget had a slight temp Wed. a.m.; the vet attributed it to stress, so waited a few hours to do her surgery, when her temp was back to normal. She had a terrible time with the anesthesia afterwards---clawing at her mouth, shrieking, scratching---scared the bejeebers out of me. After a couple of hours she settled down & seemed ok. Thursday I noticed she was in & out of the litterbox more than usual; late in the afternoon she began sitting in it for several minutes at a time, straining. It was just before closing time when I called the vets. He didn't think he needed to see her, but wanted me to come pick up some antibiotics for her. So, she's had her Clavamox 3x so far, and doesn't seem to be in the box quite as often. I've had a lot of experience with cats & UTIs (unfortunately), but I'm wondering if this is just something that happens after a spay. It's been 17 years since I've had a kitten spayed, and I don't remember anything like this happening. Could this just be a coincidence? I know I'm probably worrying way too much about this, as Bridget is acting pretty normal otherwise. Any thoughts or advice would really be appreciated.
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It doesn't sound right to me. Is there anyway she can get a second opinion?
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Doesn't sound right to me either. Perhaps you can call the vet and explain that something is wrong. I just got Tammy-Timmy spayed and there were no symptoms like you describe.
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Is she more swollen than the other cat? I noticed that Sapphire did that also.When she was spayed, the Vets were concerned about how much she had swollen and told me to watch her close and that she may *strain* for a day or two until the swelling went down.She did it for the first 2 days and then she was fine.
I"M NOT A VET..............just telling you what MY VET said!!
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I am thinking that she may have ended up with a UTI because of the stress. However I also am not a vet and not such a knowledgeable cat mom either, so I'd go with the vet recommendation or at the very least, call the vet and find out what he/she had in mind when you described the situation and the prescription was given.

I hate being in doubt about things. Good or bad I like to know as many of the w's as possible, (why, when, who, where & how). Yeah, I know it's not a "W", but it goes there.
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I took Bridget to the vet this afternoon, and without being able to do a urine culture (she peed on the exam table before they could get a sample), the dr. thinks she has cystitis. Apparently, it could have been brought on by stress, by pain from the spay, or "just one of those things." Bridget will keep taking the Clavamox, plus the vet gave me a pain-killer & a glucosamine(?) supplement to sprinkle on her food. Hopefully, this is a one time thing. I can't imagine why she'd be so stressed---she's just been spayed, had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, got a new "sister" 2 weeks ago, and lost her 17 y/o "sister" just a month ago. They'll get a urine sample when we take her back to have her stitches out in 10 days, so maybe things will be cleared up by then.
I think she's been more stressed by her 2 y/o "brother" Rufus than anything else. From what we've been told, he looks just like her mother. Bridget & Charlotte have tried to nurse on him since we've had them, and he just eats it up. He changed his mind when they came home from the vet's, and has refused to let either girl get within 3 feet of him, let alone cuddle with him. I really think Bridget's little kitty heart is broken. While I've been sitting here, I had my DH put Rufus on my lap, then put Bridget with him. She absolutely attacked him, rooting around, kneading his belly; she was in heaven! He tolerated it pretty well, so maybe now he'll let her get close again. That will probably help her more than anything.
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Hopefully it will clear up and not bother her again.
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