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chocolate kitten

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I am fostering a kitten for the Humane Society in my area and wanted to know if I could find out some information about him. He is chocolate brown, with dark brown face and lighter body. His eyes look kind of slanted and he is long hair. He has a long thin face also. I have never seen a cat of this color and wanted to know if he was a specific breed or just a brown cat that I have never seen before. Thank you.
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Cletus, welcome to the site!!!!

It's very hard to guess at a "kind of breed" a cat may be without actually seeing a picture of it. I can tell you though that it is more than likely a domestic longhair cat with some kind of siamese, balanese or oriental in the background.

Hope that helped, and like I said if you could post a pic I would love to see it!!!
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Thanks for fostering!!! It's a thankless job, as well as demanding at times, we need more people in the world who are willing to do that kind of work!!
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Unfortunately right now he has ringworm so is not looking his best. The only picture I have right now is on our website: www.dogsaver.com/cabarrus humane. Go under Princeton's pals and then under kittens. His name is Whitman. Will have better photos once his ringworm is gone.
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Cletus... the link didn't work....

I get a 404 error..
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Sorry. . . . . should work now:

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Whitman may be a Burmese or Havana Brown mix. I have a kitten that is a Burmese mix and she started out with fur about the same color as Whitman, with "ghost tabby" markings. She's gotten a lot darker now and the tabby markings are almost gone. Her eyes are slanted and her face and body looks like a Siamese.
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