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Not so Passive Protest

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Gizmo doesn't want to take her L-lysine any more.

I mix this with Factor CQ-10 and give it to her on the tip of my finger.
Lately she's started hiding from me when I go to get her after mixing the medicine.

Today she took the medicine, then immediately ate some cat grass (well, a LOT of cat grass) and barfed it all up again. She isn't sick, she just didn't want the stuff in her.

I'm taking her for her yearly vet appointment this month, so I can ask them about it then. The L-lysine has really helped her feline herpes and I'm thinking that it's the Factor CQ-10 that makes her upset though she never liked the plain lysine either.

She has a heart condition. I am wondering if it is just better to do without the CQ-10 and hope she keeps the stuff down.

Has anyone else had to deal with this?
She will only eat 'fish' wet food though I'm going to try some of the exotics if I can get them. I don't want her eating fish every day so she's still eating the dry rabbit food as per vet's orders. I can't put l-lysine in her food, she will not eat the food.
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I can't help you, I've never been in your situation but I can send you some positive energy. Can you ask your vet if giving gismo B complex will help? I give my cats Royal Jelly (it has all the B Vits in it) when they're a bit off and it seems to help...
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Since today was Gizmo's anniversary I did not give her any meds in the morning. What a change! She had appeared to lose interest in her favorite mouse toy--today she was rolling happily around in the hallway like old times.

I think she's going to have to get the meds at night before bedtime from now on.
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If you feed her wet food, you can get the tablets in the vitamin aisle at the grocery store or drug store, crush it between 2 spoons and mix it into her food.

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She flatly refuses to eat wet food if there is medicine in it.
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Can you get the medicine compounded at a pharmacy into a liquid?
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I use a gel. I'm going to give it to her without the Factor CQ-10, which is probably the real reason she rebelled.
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