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Oscar went outside

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Today alex left the patio door open, and oscar was in the corner just enjoying it. He didn't try at get out. which is a good thing. But anyway. He wasn't suppossed to go outside. And now sometimes he goes to the door and meows. Is this going to make him crazy at night, since they prey at night?
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No, shouldn't be a problem as long as you are consistent in NOT letting him outside. He's much safer inside, and he will adapt to it as long as he is not getting mixed signals from his caretakers (like leaving the patio door open, but then later, expecting him to be indoors only). If your patio is completely enclosed, of course, that's a different story, and you can let him out without worrying for his safety. We have a roofed, enclosed "catio" and our cats have 24/7-365 access to it through two cat doors set into our slider and screen. The only time we close it off is when the weather is really bad or when there's a sandstorm (we live in the desert).

Playing with Oscar shortly before bedtime is a good way to expend some of his high-level kitten energy, too! Then he'll be more likely to settle down at night. But don't expect him to be too sedate while he's still growing. It's natural for kids of any species to be high-energy!
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That would be great! can you share a photo of Oscar playing on the garden???...

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What a wonderful siggy! Milky is SOOOOOOO photogenic!
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