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Pixel had Vaccination: Now has Health Problems

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I have two five month old kittens in addition to Pixel. The kits are among many I previously (June-August) had come into my home as fosters. Pixel had minimal contact with the kittens but for my current two.

Pixel is 7 years old or so and I've never had a health problem with her since she was spayed at about a year old when she got really sick and was recovering from kitty kennel cough. So, since her rough start, until now she's been fine and in good health.

She's an indoor outdoor cat, stays very close to home, sleeps indoors... But, until about six months ago, when I got the kittens and came in here to these forums to learn, I was feeding her only dry food and then a little sardines packed in water each evening as a little treat/meal. I used the "fish" to keep her close to home. Now, I know to feed her mostly good quality wet food and only a little dry food, if any.

Recent Event:
About six weeks ago she had 3-year rabies and also a distemper shot. The vet slipped the distemper in and said it was because of the kittens, and foster kittens, I should give it. She also completed a course of antibiotics to recover from a cat bite wound which resolved nicely.

Here is what is happening:
Yesterday I noticed she was coming indoors to use one of the many litterboxes and she usually uses them only occasionally, preferring the outdoors when possible. Also, she was peeing in small amounts and this isn't right since I know when I clean up every day her pee clumps are large.

Yesterday was the beginning of the month and time to clean the litterboxes. I thought she might've been trying to tell me, "Hey, mommy, this stinks...."

But today after cleaning them and changing the litter she is still peeing in small amounts and frequently.

Tomorrow I will be bringing her to the vet. I just want to know what I need to be thinking about or reading. And, I remember reading something in here awhile back about vaccinations causing serious health problems. I just can't remember what kind and what kind, etc.

I'm thinking she has a UTI, or a feline version of one?
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She is licking herself a lot and eating like crazy.

I just got a Feliway diffuser today to try to help overall with her anxiety over the kittens, but now with this I don't know if I'll even be able to tell what is attributed to what. Tomorrow can't come fast enough...and I have to wait until after 2 PM to see the Vet.
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Good luck and I hope you find out what is wrong with her.
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Thanks crittermom!

(by the way I love your location.)
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Sounds like a UTI, but it's good you're going to a vet. Let us know how it works out, OK?
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Okay so cats do get UTIs. ....Thanks very much I have something to look up at least, instead of sitting here just fretting until 2PM.
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Sounds like classic UTI - increased frequency of peeing, but only little amounts because it hurts - hurts me in memory of my own past UTIs just thinking about it!

Please vet her - I'll be sending vibes that it gets taken care of very quickly with the right antibiotics!
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Sounds like UTI for sure.
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Originally Posted by Vik61 View Post
Thanks crittermom!

(by the way I love your location.)
Thanks!!! It usually says Hillbilly Heaven.............I'll switch it back to that soon.
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Hillbilly mom~

She was practically gorging herself too, on wet food. I was just thinking maybe that's how she's trying to get her water? In any event she is eating more than usual.
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Pixel had a temperature of 103 and was dehydrated a little; enough to need subQ fluids. Her vet at the clinic did an exam and brought her out with prescription food and some amoxicillin to take twice a day. She also got a shot of antibiotics.

She was feeling really crappy for the past two nights but is seeming much perkier today, thank you for the prayers and vibes!! I have been so worried about her and keeping her in a room by herself away from the kittens.

Today they are all sleeping together near the Feliway diffuser (so I am ordering another one, this is too cool). Part of the problem is she doesn't get along with my five month old kittens, not at all. She avoids them like the plague.

I'm thinking the amoxicillin may be working if she is looking up this morning--keep the good thoughts for "Little Miss Pointy Ears" coming, please!

At least she seems to like the UR food by Purina. I was worried about that but thankfully the stuff is palatable. I hope, if she has to be on it a long time, or forever, that they make it in different flavors, etc. I have posted another thread about this subject since I need to find this food cheaper than for what the vet sells it.

Pixel has never been sick until now and I am beside myself with fear. I just know this is from feeding her improperly all her life until six months ago. I didn't know. I was feeding her sardines, like I've said. Don't do that, people. Feed your felines good quality wet food, primarily if not totally.
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