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Where can I get Pounce treats?

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2 months ago, I bought some cat treats at a stand in a cat show. My cat really likes them very much & I want to get some more, but I can't find them anywhere. I've tried every on-line shop I can find & also my local & not so local pet shops. I even phoned the Cat Council to try to get the name of the stall where I bought it, without luck. The organiser of the show (Somerset Cat Club) never returns my answer phone messages.

The treats are called Pounce Tartar & Plaque Control Crunchy Tuna Flavor, they are made by Heinz Pet Foods in the US.

My email to Heinz to try to trace UK distributors has not been answered.

I tried to get the treats from some US on-line shops, but none of them will ship to the UK.

Please can anyone tell me where I can buy these?

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Have you tried Petsmart or Petco?
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Grocery stores carry them, too
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Does the Heinz company ship to the UK? Have you noticed any of their food in the grocery store? I'm thinking if you can find a grocery store that carries their products, maybe you could ask the manager to order the Pounce for you, since they already do business with Heinz. I know they make ketchup and mustard, not sure what else, but they must have a website.
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This company carries them and ships internationally. It would be quite expensive though. Perhaps a better way is to go to your local market and inquire about how to get them to carry this item for you. Good luck. They are all over the continental united states, in every grocery store just about. Maybe you can do something to make it that way in your country.

Little River Pet Shop
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They sell them at all the grocery stores here...
anyway, if you can talk to the person in charge of ordering the inventory, you may be able to convince them to order them in. I wonder why they aren't available internationally? They sell like hot cakes at the little grocery store here, but that might be because we're in a tiny little town and mostly everyone has cats.
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Mr. Potato Head,

Check your PM mailbox.
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Thanks very much & a special thankyou to spacecat.

I made a mistake & assumed that this was a UK BBS. Obviously Heinz Pet products are very popular in the US & asking people from the US about how to source something like this in the UK is a bit dumb of me.

I will make further inquiries within the UK. If I still get stuck, I have a friend in St Louis who can send me some treats.

Thanks again everyone.
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Mr Potato Head - there are quite a few British-based people on this site, so the question is relevant. I've never seen any Pounce products in any of the big supermarkets, but I'm off to the market tomorrow, so I'll have a gander at the petfood ones.
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Thanks flimflam

I found one local shop selling another Pounce product, luxury treats. However, the problem is that they would probably have to buy a whole box of maybe 100 from the distributors if I wanted to order some. My local helpful petshop can't source any Heinz pet products at all!

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