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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Seriously, you should introduce yourself as Trouts Mom - it would get people interested enough to keep them on the phone
or just hi ths is trouts mom with XX X compnay,
see if you find any TCS by random chance.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Dammit, I am NOT a telemarketer!! I am just friendly Natalie trying to do my job

I am trying to HELP people!!!

I know its not personal, but its hard to keep your chin up when people are rude and hang up on me

Oh, and I don't try and talk people into anything..if they say no thanks, I say have a good night then..I am very friendly I swear!
But unfortunately most people who are cold calling aren't friendly, polite or easy to get off the phone. So I'm one of the rude people who hang up without saying a word.
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I'm one who if I did answere I would just quietly hang the phone up..
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Well, I am going to be the unpopular opinion here, but in the past, such calls have saved me absolute poo-pots full of time and money. If you were to have called me and asked if you could discuss ways for me to save money on my insurance needs, I would be all ears. I might not buy from you if it wasn't a better deal than what I already have, but I would listen.
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With owning our own business, we're always looking for ways to cut costs. If you called and said that you might be able to save us money on insurance, I would definately speak with you. I do decline to give out much personal info over the phone, so I might ask you to mail your info to our business adress. I'm always looking for a better deal, so I tend to listen when people like you call!
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Okay, here's my POV...I was an insurance broker for 10 years before I gave up - I used to work for Marsh & McLennan (can say that openly coz I don't work there anymore). I usually entertain cold calls from insurance agents - for the simple reason that I like to test the agents knowledge on the type of insurance they are quoting for!

I would never agree to a quote unless I knew what that particular insurance company financial stats. Malaysia is tarriff rated for a lot of things like property and motor insurance and usually cold calls come from life agents. The sad news is that 60% of agents don't know what they are talking about and I usually send them packingto do their homework!

If I knew the Insurance company and the product that they are quoting for is something I know I need (like Health, Hospital/Surgical) then I would ask for a quote, other wise, no thanks!
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I would let the answer machine pick up the call - I do that with all calls where I don't recognise the caller id. And tbh, I wouldn't ring back. If I'm looking for insurance quotes I like to do it in my own time and prefer to do it online, where I don't have someone pressuring me into saying yes.

Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I look at my telephone as my connection to the outside world from my home. Something I use to communicate with my friends/family and deal with other matters in my life. If I want people to call me I give them my phone number.

I consider my home private and a stranger calling me or knocking on my door trying to sell me something that I had not asked to be contacted about, is an intrusion into my home and my "space".
That's pretty much how I feel. If I'm busy cooking dinner or watching a film or something I don't want to stop doing that so that I can discuss insurance with a stranger. Sorry, no offence but if I pick up the phone (or answer the door) and it's someone I don't know trying to sell me something I just say no thank you straight away. If they don't take no for an answer I just put the phone down.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Why would you say no thanks? What would it hurt to get a quote?

I don't get it
It wouldn't - but people are wary of cold callers for a reason.

I've actually never had a cold call, and am extremely civil by nature, so there is a good chance that I would simply humor you and take the call - and in your case, I would be pleasantly surprised that the call wasn't about automatically trying to sell me something.

That would probably make me more likely to be intrigued rather than merely polite the next time I was cold called.

I am aware that more companies are trying the competive quoting rather than selling you something approach - but I do remember my mother getting calls that could be extremely pushy (I've since seen cold calling trees designed to manipulate people staying on the line whether or not they were resistance or even hostile; I'll see if I can dig it out and send it to you, it might enlighten you a bit on why so many people have an ingrained hostility to cold callers).
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Your chances of getting through to me are slim because i'm on the telephone preference list, but if you did then i would ask you to ring back in such and such a month when my renewal is due and quote me then.

I work on reception so i get these calls everyday without fail, but i just give them a polite no thank you and that were still in a contract with whoever were with.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
Your chances of getting through to me are slim because i'm on the telephone preference list, but if you did then i would ask you to ring back in such and such a month when my renewal is due and quote me then.

I work on reception so i get these calls everyday without fail, but i just give them a polite no thank you and that were still in a contract with whoever were with.
That is actually all we ask for..we ask for the month the policies renew, and we then with their permission call back a month before the renewal, and quote them comparitively to their current policies.

Abymummy: I do know what I'm talking about, I am actually the fire expert in our office

And I totally know what you all are talking about when you get those telemarketers that call and ramble of a schpiel for like 5 minutes, and not let you get a word in..then they are trained to handle every objection in the book...Our office is not trained to telemarket. We are insurance professionals and our boss would like more business, so we try to make the calls because of that..but I do know how annoying being interupted at home can be..and I can relate..Just rest assured I am not talking about rambling off a 5 minute "piece" an then arguing with you because you say
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Bottom line is your only doing a job and it doesn't cost anything for the person at the other end to be civil and say no thanks.

I always put myself in peoples situations and i'd hate to have the phone slammed down on me
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I never answer the phone unless I recognize the number.
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My Fiance's best friend get's cold calls from re-finance companies. When he does answer them (which isn't often) he usually gets rid of them quickly by telling them his interest rate which none of them to date have been able to beat. I'm polite as long as I can be. But if I say I'm not interested then take my word for it tell me to have a nice day and hang up. Don't try to persuade me or ask me why because thats when I'll hang up. I could never do cold calls.
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Well we have insurance through my husbands company and its payroll deduct.
He recently qualified for AARP and if anyone belongs to AARP they send you a ton of quote material in the mail. I did fill out the quote questionnaire last month and received it back-it was about the same cost. If I would switch insurance companies it would be to our homeowner's company as we can up our liability on the house. Since we heat with a wood stove there are very few insurance companies that would be willing to insure us.
I would rather get some literature in the mail.
Perhaps you could do that in your contact-would you like to receive some literature on saving $$$ on insurance??? So people could look at it on their time
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
Bottom line is your only doing a job and it doesn't cost anything for the person at the other end to be civil and say no thanks.
That's exactly it. The basis for civilisation is civility.
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I'd give you a polite no thanks. Because as has been said, I want to find that stuff out on my own time, and because having ppl cold call your house to sell you something, no matter what it is, is annoying. Maybe I've already done my research and know I have the lowest rate. Maybe I"m with the company because a family member works there and I don't want to switch. My point is, people have reasons for not wanting to take teh call, and you should respect that.

Now, my question to YOU is - you call me and say whatever your opening spiel is "Hey, I'm trouts mom and I'm calling from Naughty Tabby Insurance. We'd like to offer you a free quote!".

I reply "Sorry, I'm not interested".

Tell me what you do then? Do you actually say "ok, have a nice day", and hang up? Because I have never in my LIFE had a cold caller respect my first "not interested". Usually they keep talking, and talking, and trying to convince me, and it's just really ANNOYING, not to mention disrespectful. If I say no three times anda they're STILL talking, then I hang up on them. Because I've done my part, I've tried to politely decline, and it's been ignored.

I've been getting an automated call from "STacey at the Mortgage Branch" on my cell three times a week for the last two months. THe kicker is, it's a recording, so I can't tell them not to call, and when i call the number back, it just gives me a recording saying "If you're trying to reach us because you missed our call, hang up, and we'll try you again soon". Well they aint lying there. It's incredibly frustrating to have no way to stop these calls.

I don't appreciate being cold called, and most people I know don't either. It's got naught to do with "not wanting to save money".

Do you know what I'm saying?
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Natalie, I'm sorry your having to go through this annoying & frusterating list of people! I used to do mortgages, and while I was told there was NO cold calling when I was hired, I found it was all smoke & mirrors... I hated to cold call people, but wasn't too bad at it. I did get a ton of rude people, but don't take it to heart! They are probably working moms, who just sat in rush hour traffice to come home to have to make dinner, when their hubby didn't even take the trash out, and have two kitties meowing for their dinner, and a child who needs help with homework, and started a recipe only to realize that they don't have any milk when it calls for it when the phone rang! That's about when I get telemarketing calls. I am already in the middle of either a really hectic day, or finally have some peace....and don't wanna chat then either. I mostly don't answer the phone unless I know who it is. And that's it. On the off chance that I do pick up thinking I know the # and the butcher my name horrifically, I just say no she's not home sorry. I don't want to be rude, but I don't want to be bothered either. And that's all.... But I'll tell you, the thing that really burns me up worse than anything, is when they call me from Dishnet. I tried to get Dishnet 3 seperate times, and they kept stringing me along telling me I needed a different type of dish, some other part, for weeks....when the whole time I simply cannot get their service in my wooded area!!! AND THEY STILL HARASS ME TO GET THEIR SERVICE!!! Nothing like making themselves look like idiots right? I just say, "in case you don't have it in your file, I paid you people to come out & give me your service, got strung along for weeks, had to fight to get my $35 back when the whole time, I simply cannot get your DISH in my neighborhood!!! Put that in your file!"

(and yesterday at work 2 guys come in from DHL, wanting to sell us their service....I'm like, "yeah buddy, check with your company, we use DHL"...nothing like wasting 20 minutes of my busy TCS time! )
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My honest answer? (I sell mailing, email and telemarketing lists for a living.)

I would ask where you got my phone number, because I'm on the national do not call list. Then I would request that you put my number on YOUR do not call list, because I am not interested in receiving any telemarketing calls period.

Then if I got any future calls from your company, I would report you to the Feds for violating the Federal Do Not Call Registry regulations.

Nothing personal - I just hate, hate, HATE being disturbed at home by telemarketers, I don't care what reason you're calling for. If you have something to offer me, send me a mail piece, and I'll get in touch with you IF I'm interested.

That's my two cents. Again, nothing personal.

Oh - and to add to this, if I am already a customer of your company, I STILL don't want calls from you and will request that you put me on your do not call list. Again, if you have something to offer me - especially if I'm already a customer, then send me info by direct mail, or by email IF I have given to permission to contact me that way.
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Natalie, I know how you feel. I work at a hotline, where people call ME, and they are still extremely rude. You just have to try not to take it personally, which I know is very hard! It still gets to me.

To answer your question, I would give you a polite "no thanks". Unless I really wasn't doing anything when you called, then I might listen. I agree with others who have said that they would rather research lower rates on their own time.
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