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Ran away/Lost

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Two or three mornings ago, I let my cat out which I normally do. Everytime I call kit-kit he comes running home, but this time he didnt. I continued calling him for the next two days, and no sign of him, so i put up missing cat signs yesterday.

Luckily, some lady called today and said they had found a little black cat and sure enough, it was kit-kit.

But when we got him back, he wasn't kit kit personality-wise. I fed him, which he did eat and then scurried back underneath my bed, and he's not playing at all. He won't even play with the little chihuahua dog that lives here, which he normally loves to do. Basically, he just goes up underneath the bed or in my closet and sleeps.

Is he unhappy living here or is he just confused about all the environment changes or what?
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I assume you are absolutely sure this is your kitty and am guessing he is still in a little shock over the whole thing and will be OK soon. I see missing signs all the time around here and always wonder if they ever produce results, I am so happy in your case they did.
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yes its him. we had him fixed a few weeks ago, and they shaved his butt.. so we definitely know its him! haha

anyways, im just gonna let him sleep it off today and see if hes any better tomorrow?
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ALso check for any signs that he could have been in a fight. A claw puncture wound could cause an infection. Keep a close eye on him.

Im glad you have you cat back.
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Please take him in and get him checked out. So much can happen to cats once they get outside, and because he isn't himself, that can be a clue that something did happen to him.
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Sounds like he endured a trauma of some sort. Poor baby.
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At the very least take a stool sample to the vet. My Brady was on the lam for a month and came back with a tapeworm and ringworm.
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I agree with taking him to the vet for a quick check-up. Give him some time. It was probably very traumatic for him to be outside. I think he'll be ok in a few days.
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I would advise that after he's been checked out for any problems, you keep him INSIDE or train him to a harness/leash and take him out for a little fresh air.

No more outside by himself.
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He could have ate something poisonous.. I would take him to the vet
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