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New Puppy

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Here is a picture of my Border Collie puppy. Shes 12 weeks old and her name is Emma
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Ohhhhhhhh!! The puppy is soooo adorable and I really like the name you gave her!
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Oh, she's adorable! I have an eight year old border collie called Skipper. They're great dogs, as long as you keep them active!!!
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What a puurdy face! Border Collies are so much fun(and energy). I take care of one named Buzzy and he is the greatest dog(besides my own**wink wink**). He's trained to lie down when a car passes so he doesn't have the urge to herd them, it's amazing really, he'll hear cars and lie down before I ever see them.

Good luck with the new pup. I hope you've been saving up your energy.
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She certainly is a sweetie-pie!
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I love border collies - they are so active. They do amazing in Agility challenges - are you going to trainher for that?
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