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I don't think it is cruel, my siamese was named Justin Tyme by the breeder, but we called him Fuzzy, Lumper, Fuzzy No legs( he was packed everywhere) He knew all his names. Same as Bailey, now know as Bob, or Inspector B. I'm sure if you cuddle with Easy and tell her what her name is, just like I'm doing with Sampson(used to be Bart) everything will be fine
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I like the name Easy..it is different, and she is used to it. It is her now...it is who she is..To me it would be weird. You wouldn't change a skin kids name after 4 years..

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You could give her a new middle name and keep Easy as her first name.

My mom's cat Simmie's real name is Simone but we call her Simmie so much now she won't respond to her original name
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I don't think changing her name would be cruel. Now, if you had adopted Damita & tried changing her name, I could see it being cruel(she's blind & basically gets around by the sound of her name). No matter what name you call her, you will still be her slave & wrapped aorund those gorgeous little paws. Honestly, most cats don't care about their names so long as you feed them & keep the pooper clean.

I like the idea of giving her a middle name. Or, you could just start calling her by one of her silly nicknames. Cow was called Cow because he looked like a cow in the pasture & 4 years later he's still a Cow....
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All of my cats come to multiple names and they all know which names are theirs

Princess Grace- Princy, Wincy, Gracie, Baby, Pince, White-Fluffy

Duchess- Miss Dutch, Dutchie, Gray-Baby, Little Gray Kitty, Baby Dutch

Sir Bobbles A Lot- Bob, Bobby, Robert, Roberto, Nuggie, Nugget, Pumpkin, Bobbles, Wobbly head, handsome boy, Bobba-Lee

Ok maybe I'm TOO affectionate.... thats not even all the names I call them thats just the most often ones
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If you don't like the name, change it! You can quickly get your kitty used to the new name by calling it when there's food, treats, or petting (they quickly learn if you associate the name with good things!)

I have had so many stray rescued pets, and none of them have had any problems with learning a new name. Although my cat Sneakers was a rescue who came with her name, we were going to change it because I don't really like the name but I could not think of a better name, so Sneakers stuck. Anyway we rarely call her that! We call her all kinds of nicknames instead
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I have actually been calling her Easy Isabella just to see how it sounds and if it fits. She comes because I am using Easy ...... I still havent decided for sure yet!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
How about Evie?
I wouldn't change her name, but that's just me..........she's beautiful.......
but I do like Karen's idea!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
How about Evie?
That's a great idea Karen! It's close to Easy, so it won't confuse your kitty as much, and is a cute name!
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