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stressfull job! I need cheering up

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I love working with kids and teaching them. You get a real sense of acheivement when you see a child progress with their academic abilities. I love that aspect of my job but they are parts of it that are soooooo stressful. Children always pick on me to 'disclose information' which i hate. The things i am told are horrible and play on my mind alot. I feel like taking them home so the bad things cant happen to them anymore. Its so sad. I have had to go to court to give evidence for a child which was so frightening. I have never been in a court room before, never mind give evidence. I had to swear on the bible and everything.
So now i am feeling very stressed and down and i need cheering up.
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You aren't only a teacher. It appears you are also a child protector.
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It takes a very special person to do what you do, someone with compassion, committment and even courage. Just remember that!
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Yeah i suppose that is true. Its just sometimes it all gets too much for me to cope with. Thanks for the kind words.
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I'm a girl guide leader and I go there every week a little stressed by my job, but by the start of the meeting, the happt smily little faces, I am cured. Sometimes you have to appreciate the sparkle in the childs eye or the grin that goes a little wonkey to appreicate what you are doing.
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Jan, you are doing a wonderful thing for being a sounding board for these children.........when you need a sounding board, you can come to us. We'll listen!!
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Jan, thank God for you! If they didn't have you to tell, these awful things would keep happening to them. As awful as it is for you to go through all of this, think of the little kids that you are saving from a life of neglect/abuse. You are an ! Thank you for caring about our kids! It's wonderful to see that someone does...
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Jan, it takes wonderful people like you that care about the children and their wellbeing! It may be stressful, but it's a vital and important job and you are changing lives! Feel better, chin up and remember that you are making a difference!
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What an important job you're doing. You get to positively impact the lives of these children, and obviously you're good at your job or else they wouldn't choose you to confide in.
I know going to court is very stressful, and it takes a lot of courage to get through it.
Hope you have a good, restful weekend.
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Thank you all for your kind words. You have really made me remember why i do this job, Yeah there are going to be stressful times but the main part of my job and seeing smiling faces makes it all worth while. I know that i am helping the kids in the best way i possibly can. Thank you again for all your reassuring words. You have cheered me up and made me feel a lot better.
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You can really change lives as a Teacher...Kudos to you!!!
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I'm glad you feel better Janb...sorry i didn't see this thread until now but I'm glad the others cheered you up
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