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winter coming, stray issues

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ok, i have a issue with a stay i took in/tried to take in,lol. i tried to bring her into the house, but she decided no matter how small the room, peeing on the carpet/tiles was better no matter the litter. So i let he go back to being a outside cat. She seems to be a female, no idea if spayed or not. I have been letting her sleep on the porch by making the cat carrier into a den for her, with blankets and everything. she has food and water on my porch as well ( friskies, but alas all i can afford for a stray,lol).

My worry is with winter coming, and my porch not really insulated, will she be warm enough with blankets and ready avail food? i worry for her, but really cant take her in again. I have provided blankets, insulated car carrier, and will try to insulate the porch as well as i can, but i am a worry wart,lol.
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no one huh?
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Thank you for caring for this kitty. ....but.... she really does need to be spayed. Also, peeing everywhere is often a sign of illness, though in unspayed/unneutered cats it is also a way to mark territory. Cats that are not sterilized do not make good pets, indoor or out. And even though you've solved the problem of having pee smell in your house, she will be able to have kittens and then you will have the additional problem of more homeless cats.

Please take this kitty to a vet and have him/her examined and treated for any illness and parasites, and have the kitty sterilized!

As to keeping kitty warm, blankets are not good insulators - they keep parasites well though. It is best to use a very large igloo cooler (visit some local restaurants) with hay inside.

If you need a low-cost spay/neuter service, please click on the link in my signature below, or try http://www.pets911.com where you type in your zip code and click on the link on the left to help find low-cost services in your area.
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Also...once you do have her spayed...if she does insist on being outdoors..below are some good shelters:




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