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Hi Everyone!

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Thought I'd just drop in a little intro about myself and my kitties.

First off, Jin_Spawn let me know about this site (thanks Jin!). I have a Sr. Cat, Suzie, who is about 14-15 years old and a new kitten that is about 5-6 weeks old who is still in need of a name.

Suzie was a stray that came to us as an adult. She was living on the church grounds and being fed by the office staff until someone finally caught her and brought her to me. We bonded right away and she has been my baby ever since. She has recently gone deaf and is really showing the signs of her advanced age. She is also suffering depression from the loss of her best bed who recently passed away. She has given up grooming herself so I've had to give her a "lovely" low maintenance summer doo.

We got the kitten from a woman who had found a litter of 7 in her backyard.. no sign of Mama Cat. We actually took in 2, but the other died 2 days later from a mystery illness. I found him laying limp next to his food dish and rushed him to the emergency vet. After treating him with IV fluids and glucose and checking him over carefully, the vet felt it was something neurological, probably due to FIP. We made the very sad decision to help him cross over the bridge.

The remaining kitten has been to the vet and tested negative for FeLv, been bathed and treated with a few drops of Advatage and treated for worms. She'll start her shots and all that in a couple of weeks. Right now I am giving her KMR and Nutro Max Cat Kitten (dry and canned) and she is doing great. We have not introduced the 2 kitties yet as we are observing a 2 week incubtion period for the new kitten.

Cats/kittens are not new to me as I have grown up with them all my life. We took in many, many strays during my childhood and I even had one give birth literally in my lap. I also fostered cats, kittens and dogs and helped with the adoption fairs for a local rescue group several years ago. But it has been a looooong time since I've had a kitten.

Wow, that turned out much longer than I intended and I still feel like I left a lot out!

Here is a picture of our new kitty strecthed out on my hubby's pillow.. she has clearly "adopted" him.
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Get that mouse!
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Hi Calypso! I'm so glad to see you here. Welcome to TCS - I just know you'll enjoy this site. Great people and great information!

I know I've told you before, but your kitten is absolutely adorable! No name for her yet?
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What a sweet kitten! Welcome to the site! Thank you for all that you do on behalf of the helpless with no voice.
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Hi, Calypso! I'm glad Jin told you where to find us. Your new kitten is precious. Now we want to see Suzie. Perhaps the kitten will cheer her up and she'll start grooming again. I hope so!
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Hi Calypso.

Welcome to the Cat Site.

How cute is your little kitty? That little face is just the sweetest!

Do you have any pictures of Suzie?
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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I've been sufing through the threads a bit and this really looks like a very nice site (of course I already know that if Jin is here it HAS to be )

I don't have any pictures of Suzie right now, but I'll see if she will cooperate and let me snap a digital picture later today.

BTW, the kitty now has a name.. the kids all agreed on Tabitha, Tabby for short.
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Welcome to the site! Little Tabby is just adorable! Can't wait to see pictures of Suzie. She sounds like a very special girl. Well, they both are.

I look forward to getting to know you and your two furbabes better. Hope to see you posting often!
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Hi Everyone,

At long last.. here she is, my precious "Suzie-cat" (who, as you can see, does NOT like having her picture taken)
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Here eyes look very bizzarre in that first picture. They came out very shockingly YELLOW and I tried to use the red-eye-correct but I couldn't get the animal eye option to work so I used the human eye and it made her pupils round instead of oval. Here in another picture where I just corrected the pupil.. I hope it's a little better than the first one.

Her summer "buzz cut" is growing in pretty well, despite mom's awful home job LOL She is normally a very fluffy kitty.
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Calypso, Suzie looks every bit as good as my son did after I "just trimmed it a little." I think you and I better stick to our day jobs. Suzie's a beauty, really!
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I think you and I better stick to our day jobs.
LOL! Jeanie, I quite agree! and thank you! I think she is a beauty also.
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I agree - Suzie is a beauty! I love her colors, so muted she makes me think of autumn leaves.
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autumn leaves

I like that! Thanks valanhb

Well, we decided Tabby needed a playmate so I'm happy to introduce Samson (adopted yesterday from NARF). He about 10 weeks old and is very sweet, but very scared. We spend some quality snuggle time last night and he purred for me and even relaxed enough to stretch out a bit. Tabby is not quite sure what to make of him.. she goes up to the kennel and peeks inside and sniffs, but they have not been formally introduced yet. Sam needs time to settle in and get comfortable, but I wanted him to be aware of a kitty already in the house.
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Poor little Samson! I think we forget sometimes how much of a shock change must be. I'm so glad he relaxed a bit and purred for you. Everything is new to him, so I'm glad he'll have some stability now. Our resident expert, Hissy, always recommends rubbing the resident kitties and the newbie with the same towel to make them feel familiar with each other's scent. Samson's such a cutie, and so is Tabby. I'm sure Suzie will observe their antics with some disdain, and maintain her dignity!
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Welcome! Great Kitty pics. Your baby Tabby is so funny...the mouse seems bigger than he is...<Grin>

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Kim, I've been meaning to comment on your signature picture.. it is so cute! Makes me laugh every time I see it.

Patty, thank you so much for the warm welcome!

Jeanie, I think you're absolutely right. And I think because we'd all gone through the settling in part with Tabby already, we were all anxious for poor Sam to just feel right at home. It didn't take him long though.. he is all over the place now!

Here is a new picture of Sam & Tabby enjoying their new cat tree..
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And a better picture of Sam, enjoying the new tree...
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Sam is posing like a pro. And what a cutie he is!
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OH! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Sam is, SO, posing for that pic!

Good shot!

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