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Philosophy quiz

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This one really does make you think about your beliefs.

I contradicted myself twice.
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This was a pretty interesting quiz.
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Now that took a lot of thought. I bit one bullet through the whole thing and got no direct hits. But I really had to think about each question which was good. Thanks for sharing!
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Well, I took one direct hit and knew it was a contradictionthe minute I hit enter. Oh well.
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I should not have done this at work - I could not give it the attention it deserved! Very interesting.
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I got a medal of distinction. If we were to take this seriously, however, we could spend hours reasoning. I was taken back a bit because God was constantly referred to as "she." Christians believe that Jesus was God incarnate, and no one doubts that He was a man. I wish we women could claim that distinction, but we can't. Of course, God is a spirit, so...... We should spend more hours reasoning!
p.s. Flimflam, we wished you a happy birthday yesterday in the CatLounge, but you weren't online! I hope you had a great day.
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Neat quiz! I bit 2 bullets and took 0 direct hits.
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I bit one bullet. This quiz makes you think about the way you think LOL
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That was very interesting. I took 3 direct hits and have bitten 1 bullet.

FYI: The average player of this activity to date takes 1.34 hits and bites 1.08 bullets. 64642 people have so far undertaken this activity.
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Some of the other quizzes on this site are good as well. Try "Brave New World", though not at work.
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Yey. I got a Merit of Distinction for getting one hit and biting one bullet.

I like the way it makes you think. Something this job I'm doing at the moment is NOT allowing me to do!


More please!!
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