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How Poisonous Are 'Mums?

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My boss gave all the office staff a planter full of pretty flowers, which I thought were daisies. I've since taken them home and left them -- and my cats -- unattended, but I just found out the flowers are actually chrysanthemums, which I know to be poisonous. How poisonous are they? Are they as bad as lilies or poinsettias? I don't know how likely my cats are to eat the plants (they prefer greens and typically only chew on my plants to get my attention), but I can't stop worrying about it and I'm stuck at work with no way to get home and no one I can call to go check on my kitties. How bad is this?
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Chrysanthemum indicum Chrysanthemums, Mums Poisonous parts Leaves, stalks Toxins Arteglasin A
Some people will develop contact dermatitis after extended exposure to garden chrysanthemums. This is an occupational hazard of florists, nursery workers, and gardeners.

I'd say yes, they are toxic.
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BTW, I've heard that pointsettias are nowhere near as toxic as we'd been led to believe in the past, and that your pet would have to eat the entire plant for it to be really bad.

Try not to worry, but when you get home, put those flowers where the kitties can't get to them.
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