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Want to Prepare for Cat Ownership

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Can someone tell me the general price range for neutering/ spaying and declawing a kitten? I realize that vets' prices vary depending on where you live. (I'm in the Midwest.) I just want a reasonable idea of the money I should have prepared ahead of time before bringing home a kitten.

Thank you so much,

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To have my cats spayed cost $90 each. There are several threads regarding declawing in this forum. Sorry I don't know where, I would think a long time before doing that. It can change a cat's personality, and is actually amputation. Cats will use a scratching post with a little bit of guidance.
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This link http://cats.about.com/cs/declawing/ will provide you with a variety of articles on the declawing issue. Also, most of the members here are against declawing and would be happy to provide you with information about some possible alternatives.
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About the cost of spaying/neutering...

I have both a boy and a girl cat. The boy cost $50 for his neuter. The girl cost $150 for the spay. Also, be sure to factor in the cost of shots, which they need before the vet will spay/neuter them.
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I should've specified that I understand a cat's shots will be a necessary expense, as well as neutering/ spaying. If we buy from a breeder, I will find out what shots have been given and what ones still need to be administered.

Thank you,

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I got my cat from a local animal shelter, and they give you a certificate to get shots and a spay/neutering included in the price of adoption, which is around $50. When she had kittens (she was pregnant in the shelter) they also gave us certificates for them. I don't know if you've already decided where your kittties will come from, but as a former shelter volunteer, I'm programmed to tell everyone good things about it! (and to say not to support pet shops because they promote the peddling of animal flesh in unhealthy and inhumane conditions)
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My goal is to start out with a Ragdoll and, eventually, rescue a cat from a shelter. (My husband says he only wants one cat, but once we have a house, I see no reason to not have two.)

I would never purchase a dog or cat from a pet store. I'd only consider getting a bird (I have two) from a reputable *birds only* pet store using the highest standards of care, although my last four birds have all come from breeders.

Take care,

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The average price for 'owning' a typical cat for a year is about $300.
Now that can varie greatly however. Also depending on what type of cat you buy, it can cost $0-$1000+ just for that.
Cats are not inexpensive, they can be very much so, but they eat less than your average dog (medium size) does, so you save a lot of money monthly there.

There are some vet clinics that do low-cost spay/neuter, those should really only be used by the truely needy, and make sure you check out the clinic for a good reputation and cleanliness.
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I know that a pet Ragdoll will run between $450 - $600. And I've a rough idea of the cost of neutering. The cost of shots I must accept, as well as the cost of food, toys, grooming products, etc. I know that $300 a year isn't a lot to ask of me, for as much as I get in return from animals' companionship.

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