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Cause of Lumps in cats? Please help:bawling:

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Hello Everyone, My name is stephanie and im coming to the cat forums in search of some help and maybe some answers. My cat Domino is about 6 and a half - 7 months old. She is a very fun-loving energetic cat and always runs around the house playing chase. About 2-3 weeks ago Domino revieved her first vaccines and a dewormer. Ever Since she had this visit to the vet I have noticed her third eye-lid started showing. I didn't think much of it because there would be times when i didnt see it at all. I figured she was just being goofy. I eventually started to notice her lack of energy and apetite. Lately anytime she has eaten she has experienced vomiting or the urge to do so. I also noticed that she seems a little shakey. Two days ago I noticed a little tiny patch of irritated skin about the size of the butt end of a pen on her neck as well as a chunk of fatty tissue on her right shoulder blade. I though it was from the vaccines but it has been 3 weeks and i figured any symptoms of infection would have showed up sooner. I took her to the vet yesterday and they had an FIV and leukemia test run that came up negative. The vest also noticed slight discoloration around her ears (jondus). Domino was given medicine to take for the vomiting and bland flavored food that may help her take and hold it down a little easier. I gave her one pouch when i got home (as directed) and 1.0mL of the medication prescibed. This morning when i woke i found that her food had not been touched at all. i threw out the old and set out a new pouch of food for her. I won't be able to see her until I'm out of work. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms in their own cat? Please help someone if you can. Domino is my first cat, I never realized i could become so attached to an animal and she has proved me wrong. I love her to death and seeing her in this situation is killing me. I just want my little girl to get better.
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Welcome to TCS! I have a Domino as well, but I can't really help as much as the others with your issues. Someone will be along shortly to though, I'm sure. In the meantime, maybe look around in the Health forum???
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thank you so much. I have done some searching but so far have had no idea what could be the problem. The only thing i have heard is that maybe it might be related to a spider bite?
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Might I suggest that you call your vet back and tell him/her that your cat is not doing well at all. Is Domino drinking water? If not, cats dehydrate very quickly.

Please call the vet back and ask for some alternative help, your baby may need to be rehydrated before all the other stuff can work.

Let us know how it works our, we are concerned too.
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She has been drinking water so I'm not too concerned about the hydration. Its mostly just the food. I went home on my lunch break today to check on her. I must admit i have been a sneaky mommy even though the vet told me not to give her anything besides the bland food i did sneak her about 5 peices of normal food. To my suprise she actually ate. I have a feeling that her medication may be working to help the nausea. She still refuses to eat the bland food though. when i got home she was actually up and walking around too! yesterday she was asleep in the same spot for most of the day. so i think im seeing some improvements. As far as the lump goes we still need to do blood work to see what's going on with that. thanks for the support! Domino and I really appreciate it.

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If your cat has jaundice, she won't want to eat. Keep taking her to the vet to be checked over unless her improvement is very consistent. I won't go into the gory details here, but we lost a cat years ago (4 yrs old) to liver disease which might have been cured if the vet had given her the ultrasound I knew he needed, but put it off too long and by the time he realized the problem, it was too late. I don't want to upset you, or even say that in your case an ultrasound is the answer (my cat did not have tumors), but stay on top of things - don't put them off for a day if they look bad hoping they'll look better tomorrow.
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wow... i wasn't prepared to hear something that bad. I realize Domino's situation is serious. i cry just looking at her, but truth be told, I have been taking her to the vet as often as possible. However, I don't have the money to keep paying for vet bills. Single 20 year old that is supporting herself with bills to pay and a cat for a child. I'm trying my best to give her as much medical attention as possible. I'm currently experiencing a hell-ofa-cold and skipped going to MY doctor so that Domino can go to hers. I'm affraid her last visit to the vet whiped out my bank account so I can't get her back to the vet until sunday
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i just pray that she starts showing a little more improvement. I'm miserable as long as she is.
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Please take kitty back to the vet ... Not eating enough can KILL a cat in a VERY SHORT amout of TIme
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Any news yet? I just read this....and I am hoping your baby girl is ok! Please keep us posted!

Sending tons of get well }}}}VIBES{{{{ your way!!!
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Domino, have you tried speaking to the vet and explaining your situation? Sometimes they're willing to work something out (everyone's different) or possibly even refer you to a different facility, etc. Nothing to lose by trying! I really didn't mean to upset you so much as just keep you alert to changes, etc. and you do sound like you're doing more than your best here! Take care of yourself as you won't be good to anyone else anyhow if you're sick!
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