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What is your cat(s) afraid of?

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My cat (8 mos old) will sit three feet from the running vacuum no problem. But if a stranger (especially a man) walks in the house --- he runs down the basement like he just saw a monster.
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Both my cats hide from 'strangers' who really want to pet or hold them. Say if my brother comes over and tries to pet or pick up one of them they'll both take off. They both hide from real strangers as well like is maintnance has to fix something. Both hate the vacume. Beyond that Frankie is pretty impervious but Wickett is a big scardey cat in general. I cane home w/ baloons once thinking he'd have fun chasing the strings but he ran and hid. I finally (after an hour) had to go get him and carry him down stairs to show him that the nasty baloons were gone.
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my cat domino is scared of 2 things: Combs and Kazoo's

I have walked into my room so many times only to find her batting at my combs (she jumps everytime she touches it haha).

once my boyfriend was playing with a kazoo and she left the room immediatly. haha but lets face it, not too many people are talented on the kazoo. haha
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Is it normal for cats to be so skittish? My Oscar runs and hides every time he hears noise outside the door, just in case someone might be coming in. He will even contort himself in very painful-looking ways, squeezing his 15 pounds into the tiniest little spaces, in his effort to feel safe. Since he's my first cat, I'm not all that confident I'm always doing the right thing, and I've often wondered what I didn't do that kept him from gaining a "normal" confidence. I hate to see my baby so scared!
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My cat Ansel is afraid of a man's electric shaver. I was using it one time on my legs and he freaked. He swings at it and hits it hard and his pupils get huge.
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WATER of course!!!! Both of my kids hate talking bath
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One thing: My son. Its weird because my son doesnt even touch her, hes content with chasing her down and staring at her.

Maybe its the little person thing?
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Maui doesn't seem to be scared of anything.

Skunk is scared of everything poor litttle guy! Beans is scared of the vacuum & strangers. So far both of them seem to be warming up to people other than me & Chad.... when someone comes over they run for cover but if they stay for a while the kittens will come back out. I hope they keep this up because Maui is so cool & laid back around people, I want them all to be that way!
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My cat is afraid of the vacuum cleaner and most loud noises. She used to be terrified of crinkling paper bags, but since I told her that she was not going to be harmed by the bag, she no longer takes notice of them.
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Snowy is scared of
1, aerosol sprays
2, my singing , but EVERYONE is scared of my singing.
3, at the moment, giving birth. She still hasn't had kittens

Apart from that, nothing. She is very layed back. She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.
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Sebastian is scared of... everything. lol He loves to hide underneath the bed, his past owner told me he did the same thing when he lived with her. He's not too open to new things.
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The vacumm cleaner! One of my cats Yowdy knows the sound of the cord being pulled out of the vacumm and hes long gone before I even turn it on.
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vacuum cleaner
a crackling fire in the fireplace
floor mops
sudden REALLY loud noises

there are other things she avoids but i dont think its fear:
people other than us who try to pick her up
the claw snips
anyone with strong perfume ( she is copying me I bet)
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Both are afraid of the vacuum.

Miki is afraid of running water and new people.

Tyran is my fearless girl. She loves water and will join me at the sink for some fun. She will not hesitate to investigate a place she's never been. Loud music does not scare her (but I keep the level down anyway) and she loves new people.
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Rambo is afraid of the workbench (got his paw tangled in it when he was little), power tools and sudden noises. Lucky doesn't like the hair dryer....she's just going to love being at the groomers tomorrow!!!
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Both cats are afriad of the vacumm cleaner.

Patches is scared of the number 3. Now let me explain. Now my kids are often getting in trouble and I use the counting process 1, 2, 3. And I use the same process for Patches. Now if she get up on the table or near my procelian dolls I start counting to three. Once I reach three I lightly hit her on the head. Now lately I've noticed if I start counting she quickly retreats from what she was doing.
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Both Jazz & Maggs are afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Jazz hides everytime people come to the house, Maggs greets them. And they both hide when we have a storm, thunder, lighting.
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Marlee is pretty scared of everything! She can be all the way across the house, but if I squirt a bottle of air freshner/hair spray/etc she squints like its getting in her eyes. She HATES vacuums, hates water, etc.

Milo on the other hand is afraid of NOTHING! He will sit on my stomach while I lay in the bath and play in the water when the shower is draining. Vacuums don't bother him a bit. Loud noises startle him, but he rarely goes running. I've yet to find something that really scares him! (Except the thougth of meowmy not coming home...he peed several places when I was gone for two days!)
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My cat Dumpster fears EVERYTHING to the point I think he was abused before. But maybe not?

He hides in small spaces that he can't get out of and we can't find him for weeks! He's afraid of outside, strangers, kids, bags, being picked up even by me, the vaccum, blow dryer, air freshener, cleaning supplies, litter, and the list goes on....

His favorite hiding spot is in the back of my closet hidden by dresses and a large bin I keep for tank tops. We've boarded up all the too small spaces he might get stuck in.

Right now we can't find him. He's afraid of the basement (because he was swallowed by the stairs once) he hid under them in a too small space we had to saw him out. And because Shadow needs different food I put him down there and shut the door so he could eat seperate. My boyfriend was supposed to let him out when he was done eating. My bf didn't wake up until 3 hours later. Now poor Dumps is in hiding! Again!

So trust me I think it's just personality and not you being a bad kitty parent. I know I spoil the dumps out of my cat and he's still afraid! LOL
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Stewie isnt scared of much..even my loud yelling at him.

Mikey hates spray bottles of any kind. and the electric toothbrush.
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Vacuum cleaners, doorbells, and light sabers.. makes sense, right?
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Amazing enough, none of my cats are really afraid of the vacuum cleaner. I had a cat once that you could pick up his tail and vacuum under his butt and he wouldn't budge an inch.

Oscar and Eightball are afraid of anyone other than my husband and I (although they did come out of hiding when our friend Doug was here a few weeks back). Pinky is stranger shy for about 2 hours - you can almost set your watch by it.

Koko, Scarlett, Muddy (my 3 bottle fed orphans) aren't afraid of anything. Seriously. I'm convinced that because we were their parents when orphaned, they trust anything we do around them. Oops, almost forget: Scarlett does sometimes get scared that we will fail one night to serve her meat dinner on the kitchen counter at 7PM sharp. She gets this concerned look on her face about 7:01 if we aren't up and prepping the food bowls.
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my cat is afraid of spray cans (air freshners) hoovers and sudden loud noises. apart from that she is not scared of anything else.
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Dianna is my scardy cat. She doesn't like strangers and will hide in the bedroom if anyone is here. Any loud noise and she is gone. Shadow however is very laid back and nothing seems to bother him. Annie is a different story. Everything is a foe that needs to be conquered. She attacks the vacuum. She has been known to go after visiters. And when we were doing some building on the house for some reason she thought the saw and drill were out to get her "Daddy" and was on the attack. If someone, even me, raises thier voice at "Daddy" she is on the attack.
Annie was a bottle fed orphan and sometimes I wish she had a healthy dose of fear.
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Quill is afraid of my cousins.

The first time Quill met my cousin, I had Quill on my shoulder. Dumb idea when a 12y/o kid comes in the kitchen with dyed, spikey black hair, a loud voice, and his younger brother trailing behind him dressed in a suit and tie ... the results: Quill hissing (The first time I heard him hiss), leaping over my back onto the kitchen floor and not coming out of his hiding place for ten minutes. After that, it was all peachy - not - . Quill came out, planted himself in front of my cousin, and stared hostilely at him for the remainder of his visit. It was the funniest thing because ever since, Quill will only come over to headbutt my cousin if he's not wearing a hat or his spikey hair.
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my cat is afraid of the vaccum cleaner and of the smoke alarm or any alarm for that matter....runs under the bed for at least 15minutes until the coast is clear.
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Trout is afraid of the vacuum..and loud noises in general. Nothing else really scares her..
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Abby is just afraid of loud noises. But any loud noise at all and she runs!
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