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"my cat died" - Nena's mom thanks you all

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Hello to everyone. First of all I want to thank each and everyone who visited my firs post, as well as this one, and also all those who wrote to me and helped me through these difficult days. You are all such wonderful people!
Before first visiting this site I thought there was no other cat like mine; so special, so loving and playful, so much loved, and now, so painfully missed. I had to lose my dear Nena to discover all you wonderful people. Now I think that one of the reasons why Nena was taken away from me was that I find you. If there were other reasons, I cannot see them...
As some of you might know, I am from Romania. My world is somehow different from yours. I don't know if YOU, from THERE, understand what it means to me to see that my thread has been visited by so many people, and that I received so many replies as well as PMs.
I found Nena on the street (here, in Romania, we have many cats and dogs on the street). At that time my boyfriend and I already had a German Shepherd, and a black cat Milli [also found on the street]. Both our cats were going outdoords. I could'n keep them only indoors, they wouldn't stay. Now I know from a neighbor of ours (who saw everything from her window and didn't even tell me to go out) that Nena was attacked and killed by 3 dogs. Only one dog could have never killed her. She was such a fighter.
I will come back with pictures and short stories about Nena. Soon...
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I remember about poor Nena Carmen


Thats so tragic to find that Nena had to die in such a horrible way , i'm so sorry
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I am so very sorry for your loss. May your baby have countless times of joy and happiness at the bridge while she waits for you to come get her.
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I am so sorry to hear about Nena, She is a beautiful Angel in Heaven now
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May she rest in peace, what a horrible way to die.

But at least you had some good memories of her.

May Nena meet up with my Ripken over the bridge.
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