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1 Meow Mix cup or 2?

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I did a search on how much to feed and couldn't find what I was looking for, sorry if this has been discussed ad noseum!

I feed Carl Meow Mix Market Select (the only wet he will eat) and Nurto Indoor dry in between (he eats about 1/4-1/2 cup every 24 hours). I leave his dry out 24/7, but I only refill it about every other day or less (and 1 cup at a time). When we first started him on wet, he would only eat about 2 tbsp a day. Now he has gotten used to it and wants all he can get! I have been giving him 1 cup (2.75 ounces) per day, half at each meal time. Now that he is willing to eat more, should I up his wet food? I thought about just adding another meal time when I am home for lunch so he gets 4.13 ounces of wet and we'll say a half cup of dry everyday. Carl weighs exactly 10 pounds.

Ok you food gurus, is this too much/too little food?
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Seems about right ... BUT everycat is different ... My ZOey is about 8.5lbs and I have to feed her by guidlines for a 15lb kitty... the other one eats precisely the guidlines...

I dont agree but most food manufactureres say 75% dry to 25% wet ... I prefer 50/50...or 75 wet 25 dry( which is about what your doing)
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I'm no guru, but I give Ginger one whole 3 oz cup for her dinner in the evening. She gets dry during the day. Ferris finishes off what she leaves in her bowl, LOL.
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I like to feed my cats as much wet food as they will eat, and leave dry available for snacking. As long as he isn't overeating and gaining weight, you can just let him guide you.
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