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pooping everywhere!!!

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None of these problems have started until I got my new lil kitten Stan. My first kitty, Winston, he enjoyed jumping up into the ceiling of my basement apartment. I did everything that i could have to keep him outta there, but he managed to still get up there. One day I smelt pee up there, so I finally got a board up there that he can't get around. Now, I wake up.. and someone has pooped in my bathroom sink!! Someone has pooped, behind the litter box on top of my land lady's lawn furniture paddings I don't know what to do.

At first I thought it was the older kitty, but now I'm starting to think that it's Stan, the lil guy. The amount of times that I have gone in and cleaned the poop off the floor... I don't know what to use to get the smell out of the padding for the furniture. I do not want to be responsible for payment of this. ACK!

Any suggestions on how to get him to poop in the litter box, and how to get these smells out of the furniture. I don't want them to be thinking that everytime they poop on something, mom is going to clean it up so they can do it again!!!

By the way, this is not just normal poop, it's kinda liquidy... very wet texture.. ewww
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Sounds like someone needs an IMMEDIATE trip to the vet!
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Yes you need to take him to the vet asap! This could be your cat's way of saying "help, I'm sick".

There is also this product called Cat Attract that you can use to encourage them to use the litter box.

Clean the area with some Nature's Miracle liquid cleaner. It's about $20 for a gallon but well worth it's weight in gold! That stuff is truly amazing, I swear by it. It will take out the smell and the stain.

Extreme Kitty Lover
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Yep, vet time. ASAP
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