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Not just a food allergy!

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Can anyone help me with a checklist of things I should mention to the vet to get a proper diagnosis. I have had the vet charge me 200-300 dollars on two seperate oocassions only to switch my cat Shadow's food and tell me it's a food allergy.

I have tried
Purina One Special Care Senitive Stomach
Persription Science Diet
Sceince Diet Sensitve Stomach
Eucanuba Sensitive Stomach
Purina One Special Care Sensitive Systems
Purina One Special Care Urinary Tracy Care
and recently
Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea wet and dry

She currently is throwing up within five minutes of eating and she has runny stool with blood. I have scheduled a vet appointment but I don't want them to just pass it off as a food allergy yet again. I think my poor Shadow has some SERIOUS intestinal and digestive issues.

Are there certain diseases or circumstances that I should ask my vet to check for even if they don't catch it on a basic exam?

Thanks for your help in advance, Shadow will thank you to!

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I personally think you have done all you could. You need to get baby to the vet's. Keep us informed, we are concerned too.
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How long do you try each food???

How long is it mixed with previous food???

Are you doing wet and dry food>???

YOU DO need a vet
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I try each food for several months. The Natural Balance I just started her on last night. I give her the option of both the old and new food when I introduce it usually. However, last night I took away the Science Diet and gave her the Natural Balance wet and dry and she threw up almost immediately after eating. I think she does prefer it to the Sience Diet though.

I am calling around to try and get her in earlier than scheduled to the vet as I am very concerned. This is a pattern with her and scares me. I suppose I haven't given the Natural Balance much of a chance yet, BUT if it's food allergies why would she throw up immediately after eating the new food? There are no allergens in the Natural Balance.
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she could throw up due to a variety of factors .... Natural balence is Hypo meaning less not none... the only one non is RX SD called z/d( this has proteins broken up so the body doesnt know what they are )
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does the bloody stools and vomit got a lot of hair in it? if yes this might be a hairball problem. My cats used to have this and after couple of treatment using laxitone prescribe by my vet the problem is gone now. Like me I brought the bloody stool to the vet when I bring my cat for diagnose of this problem
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The stool is mucus blood not much hair at all. I believe that is the Prescription Science Diet food that the vet switched her too the first time. She was ok for a little while but then she refused to eat it after throwing up and getting sick on it a few times.

I am going to bring a sample to show the vet of her barely there stool, just bllody mucus!

I am really worried that it's serious.
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I think it's time you go to a new vet for a second opinion!!!
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I would get a second opinion too. I would also have the vet test for IBS, which is alot of people have found best results on a RAW (premade or homemade) diet. I know it works for our Maia.
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Thanks ScamperFarms. I think you are right about the IBS. My vet mentioned it yesterday as one of the options that she might be experiencing. He took X-rays and found that her intestinal walls are inflammed. He didn't find any blockage or any parasites in her fecal exam. He gave her a shot of cortosone and sent me home with antibiotics and something to slow her system down. He said she had air pockets in her intestines too. He gave her the antibiotics in case of coccila (sp?)

He also switched her food to z/d. She doesn't like it but I guess if she gets hungry enough she will eat it. It's been hard keeping her away from the other cats food and them away from hers.

Hopefully she will get better soon!

Thanks I will keep you updated if anyone has any advice I welcome it!

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