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Do you watch "Men in Trees"

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I love this show,, I don't know why,, but I love this show...

Have you all seen it.. It's called Men in Trees with Anne Heche...

It's soo addicting... Does anyone watch it..

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I've seen previews for it but I've never been able to catch it... it does look like it would be really good though!

What day is it on?! It's new this year right? How far along into the season is it? I hate missing episodes so usually I don't start something until it comes out on DVD, but I might make an exception if it isn't too far along!
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I usually watch that show!!! IMO, it's so funny and cute! SarahBeez, I'm not sure what time zone you're in but it's on Friday nights at 8 p.m. CST.
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IT is new this year... It's on ABC,, on Friday nights at 9pm.. It's really awesome!!!

It's about Marin Frist who is a writer from New York,, and she ends up in Elmo, Alaska~ a town full of men,, and women are the minority.. Well anyways... Marin stays on at elmo,, and it's a really really good show.. Seriously,, you should tape it or watch it just once,, you'll get hooked!! I LOVE IT!!!!

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I watch it cause my boyfriend James Tupper (AKA Jack) is on it..
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I've watched it a couple of times. Cute show!
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I just watched all of the little video clips- too cute!

According to ABC's website the first season is over!! Is this true?! Episode 8 aired on 10/27 and that's the last one they have listed....

If it's on tomorrow I'm gonna try hard to watch it- Chad is NOT good about sharing the TV at all
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Saw one episode. I really liked it, but I don't watch much Tv(have to be selective and I'm a reality show junkie so they usually take precedence).
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I like the show although I am not quite sure why. I wasn't really familiar with Heche before this. Her acting seems forced & the Marin character artificial and 2 dimensional, cold and just odd - like the parts don't really add up to a full character.

I DO love the other characters though. Those are some interesting storylines. The one thing that really bothers me about the show, and I keep waiting to see if it changes, is how few Native people are shown. Other than the woman who plays a former prostitute (Sara), none of the characters are Native. There are bits in the background, but none otherwise. In a supposed small Alaskan town, there would be far more.

Other than that, I have to admit I have seen every episode! I love Buzz, Mai, Annie, Patrick, Celia, Jack, and Sara, Jane & the Plow Guy and the others. Most of the story lines & characters are more believable than Marin's. I find myself not really caring what she is doing - just want to see what is happening with the others who I care about. Does that make sense?
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Nope, don't like the show at all. Anne Heche really annoys me.
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It just started here in South Africa and Im enjoying it.
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I have watched the show from the beginning and really enjoy it. It reminds of Northern Exposure which was on 12-15 years ago!

Another new show that I like is Brothers and Sisters - same channel, different night!
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