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So Happy!!

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OK so the other day some of you may remember my posting of how stressed I was with work, school and having to find a house to move into.

Welll.....We're not moving anymore!!

After we saw a house on Monday night, B went one way I went to school. Turns out his car quit on him. He was having issues with it a month or two ago where there was a rattling sound in the engine. That was a lovely $500 fix. With it just randomly quitting, he's afraid that it'll be another $500 (or more). So with Christmas coming up, plus a trip to Vegas he'sgoing on, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to afford his half of the move.

On top of that, the same day our landlord emailed me, offering lower rent to stay on for 6 months. She lives in Miami, and I think she just didn't want to come back to the cold of Michigan in november or December. So I talked this over with B, and did some more convincing and viola! Now we're going to sign for another 12 months!!

Less stress = good! now I can sign up for a gym and work my flabby butt!
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At least you have one less stress on you!
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That's great! No moving stress, and less rent!
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What a relief!! that's great, moving is such a pain anyway
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Yay, that is great news!!

Everything worked out for you..How awesome!!!
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That's great
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How wonderful!

I can see why you were stressed I HATE moving too!
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oooh nice!!!
I wish my landlady would call me and drop the rent!
Im glad you dont have to move in the winter, thats awful!
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