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Good things about our lives

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Kind of a continuum of the good news thread:

Lets list good things about our lives, so that even when feeling down we can look at this thread and be reminded that we really don't have it that bad:

I will start..

I have no serious health problems
I have a loving family and friends
I have a beautiful furry daughter who I love with all my heart
I have a nice little place to call my own
I have a car that is dependable
I have a good career
I have an awesome boss and coworkers
I live in a free beautiful country

Kay now you guys...tell me whats good about your life...
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Fodder, Flax, Fire, Frigg and Freya (something to eat, something to where, somewhere to keep warm, someone to love, and cats.)
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I have a warm blooded hubby to snuggle with each night.
I have a hot shower I can take daily.
I never have to worry about starving, as I have a pantry full of food.
I have 2 wonderful little devils that stay up all night playing, and I have benedryl so I get to sleep through it!
I have a wonderful family, who loves me and is always there for me.
And I have TCS, with fab friends who keep me giggling all day long!
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I have 9 beautiful cats who really love me
I have a yard that is full of greenery and flowers and hummers and butterflies
I have peace in my house
I have farily good health
I have caring neighbors
I have a job (yuck)
I have an income
I have a car that runs very well
I have a bus stop right across the street from me if the car fails
I have a monthly bus pass as insurance
I have health insurance
I have house insurance and car insurance
I have a VCR and a TV and 432 movies
I have a bed to sleep in
I have food to eat
I have a place to clean up and use the toilet
I have a beautiful fish tank with a Betta in it
I have internet access and a fairly new computer
I have a loving congregation of believers to lean on
I have my hearing, I hear the birds singing and the hummers complaining aobut the food or lack thereof
I can see
I can walk
If I have to, I can run
I can read
I can write
I can cuss (naughty)
I can laugh
I can sing (don't ask)
I have a roof over my head
I can feel
I can love
Unfortunately I can hate
I can see colors
I am at peace
I can think of ways to help people
I can say wonderful words of soothing help

You know it is good to do this every now and then because sometimes I just don't thank God enough for what I DO have, not what I DON'T have.
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I have a strong faith
I have a loving family
I have family friends that have been there throughout my life
I have a cat who loves me very much
I have dogs who love me very much
I have a roof over my head
I have clothes on my back
I have food in my belly
I am a strong, independant, strong willed person
I know who I am and I am happy with that
I have lovely friends one TCS
I am healthy
I am blessed with a calling to nursing and it has enriched my life
I have more blessing then I can count
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I have a precious boy named Sash who is such a happy, loving and vibrant kid. Not to mention, so incredibly beautiful! Who let's me hug and kiss him as much as I want! I'm so, so blessed to have him in my life.

I have a wonderful man in my life who means the world to me, he is truly my best friend too

I always have the love and support of my parents, whom I love very much

I have a very nice house to call my own and no longer have to live with other people.

I work with great people, especially my boss

I make very decent money and actually enjoy going to work each day

I have the pleasure to eat out whenever I feel like it and don't have to cook for anyone or do anyting I don't feel like doing most days.

I have so many interests to do in my spare time that bring me such joy

It's that time of year now that I absolutely love....

I thank god everyday for the good things I have in my life.
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This reminds me of a gratitude journal. Evry day you write down 3 things you are grateful for. So, Instead of saying all the good things at once I'll only list a few so when I'm having a rough day I can come back and list more.

Today as I sit in a class a hate looking at TCS instead of working...
I'm glad that I can afford (though copious school laons) to go to college
I'm glad that I have a loving man and 2 cuddly cats to go home to and snuggle with after a long and cold day
I'm glad that I have TCS to go to when I don't wanna do my school work! :P
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