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I am such an idiot

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Warning this is kinda gross....

I scooped the litter tray last night, and I hang it outside on the doorknob because these cats of mine are seriously stinky, then I drop it at the big skips as I drive out of the complex in the morning.

Well this morning I was half asleep when I left for work, and put everything in the back seat, then drove to work... When I came home I got back in the car and....

Yup. I'd completely forgotten about the bag of poo in the back seat. Ohhhh man it was so gross. I was gagging and laughing all the way home...

Ever done anything stoopid like that?
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we all forget things sometimes, but I have never done that. I bet that was gross!
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I left one of those little chickens they sell cooked at grocery stores in the back of my old truck once. It was there for at least a month before Stan found it. That truck stunk sooooo bad. We couldnt find out what it was. It smelled like a dead animal. It went underneath this box I had back there.
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Wanna talk about the eggs I left in the trunk of my car for a week?
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At Interlochen one year, my bunkmate was using frozen peas to ice her wrists after practicing her clarinet each day. One night, she fell asleep and little did we know, she knocked the frozen peas under our bunk, in the darkest back corner.

It smelled like death for over half the summer and we didn't find it until we were cleaning for the white glove inspection at camp closing...EEEWWWW!!!!
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Think that's bad? How about 4 cases(that's right 4 CASES!) of french fries left in my trunk for 4 weeks in the middle of summer! Our freezer went down at work so I hauled all our stuff to DH's workplace to store it there until they could come and fix it. Well I asked DH to unload my car while I took his Rav to get more(his held more then my Tracer) well after getting everything out, I brought my car back to work. Gradually it started to stink but I couldn't figure out why. Never dawned on me to check the trunk because I never put things in it after the fries. SO I never checked in it. Needless to say, after 4 weeks, I went to put groceries in the truck and well, HOLY MOLY! The stench just about knocked me on my .UGH! I will check my truck from now on when I ask Dh to take things out of my car.
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