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15 - I worked at a Hallmark/Flower Shop...I loved it! Got to design huge window displays for every holiday (Halloween was the best!) and make gorgeous flower arrangements every day.
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I started working at the age of 12 my family owned a restaurant that I worked at! Started babysitting at 11.
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I started working at a snowball stand when I was 14, but I had been babysitting for a couple years before that.
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I got my first job at nineteen right after I graduated High School. (There's nothing wrong with your all's math, I had to take two grades twice.) I was a teaching assissistant for Disabled Children and I hated it!
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My first job was at 9 when I went strawberry picking in the summer. Did that for quite a few years, then "graduated" to apple picking![/quote]

Mine too was in the strawberry"industry". Our neighbor owned the largest "pick you own" strawberry operation in Wisconsin. We were about 9 yrsold and right after school ended for the year my sis and I went to work cutting the blossoms and berries off 1 yr old plants-slave labor I tell ya!!! We used scissors-right handed ones but I'm left handed!! After a couple years we started recruiting other suckers oops I mean neighbor kids to do this too as hated it. We graduted to weeding then parking duties and row assignments we would pick orders for customers and local stores too-we did this until we graduated from high school!!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post

My father was a door to door milkman also and I would go with him on his route also! small world! You don't find too many people around that say their father were milkmen!

My first *real* job was when I was 16, working in a donut shop.
My Dad was a milkman's helper when he was a kid in Ottawa. He had lots of stories about that.
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My first paying job was a 5 a.m. paper-route when I was 12. I gave that up for a baby-sitting job: 3 kids, ages 1, 2, & 3, and 3 disabled men (it was a sheltered-care facility). Eventually, there were 9 men living there. On weekends, I'd be there from before lunch until 9 or 10 pm. I did EVERYTHING, from taking care of the kids to cooking supper for 12 people. I got a whopping 50cents an hour! And I did that for 4 years. Geez, I should have kept the paper-route!
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My first paying job was at 16 at my cousins restaurant. I worked weekends and it was horrible, we had to bleach and scrub EVERYTHING. I'd get in at 8 and sometimes it was 10pm on Sundays and i'd still be there. Lets say my teachers werent surprised when i didnt show up on Mondays.

My first paycheck job is the one im at now. Im 18 and Im working at a greeting card factory as a receptionist/secretary/graphic artist/foreign relations, etc. I hate it!

I actually got the job because Im good at computer stuff and I can speak English (better than my native language of spanish).

Im thinking of quitting soon though. My boss likes to take advantage of people. I want to see what sucker hes going to get to work for him after I leave. No one is going to work as a secretary for minimum wage!
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I started working construction when I was 16. Then when I was 19, I started doing landscaping in the summer. It's pretty good pay. After I got used to it I was making about $15000 for 2 months of work.
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My first legal job was when I was 17, I think...I worked at McDonald's for about a week...until I got sick with the flu real bad and after calling in for 3 days they told me that if I didn't come back the next day I would be fired. Well...I was still sick the next I called in and quit. Before that I had an under the table job during the summers helping out where my mom worked assisting with inventory and filing papers and such.

Kitty cuddles,
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17, I went to go work for the United States Forest Service..

It was one of the best jobs I ever had! FUN!
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Not counting babysitting, which I started doing when I was twelve (I even took a babysitting course and learned first aid), my first job was when I was 14. It was in a coffee and donut shop, I worked after school late into the evenings and brought my homework with me to do during the slow times (of which there were many -- the business did not do well, seeing as how it was in direct competition with Tim Hortons and Country Style, which both had better coffee, better donuts and better service). I had one person come in to use our bathroom and he left poo all over the walls, which I had to clean up; another time, a man came in towards the end of my shift (so, late at night) and tried to kill another man who had apparently murdered his brother or friend and had just been released from prison. I had to go to court as a witness in his trial. I wasn't sad when the business closed and I lost my job: minimum wage just isn't worth that kind of BS.
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Well, I had paper routes and did babysitting before, but I guess my first real job was doing office help the summer I was 14. Then I got a job at KFC when I was 15 1/2, and worked there for close to 3 years! I loved it because the people I worked with were awesome. It was also in a shopping mall so we gave/received many discounts lol!
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I was 16 and a waitress at a coffee shop.
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I was 14 when I started working as a short-order cook at a swim club, but I'd done some babysitting for about two years prior to that.
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I got my first job at 16. It was to work in a department store which was to open a few months later. So i had a break from leaving school to actually starting the job, but at least i knew i had one. I was only there 9 months , then they made half of us redundant. I got another job straight away though at Comet.
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I was 15. I started working with my Grandpa at the local dealership, as he was the parts manager. I learned at a very young age what good work ethic was. I worked in the parts department - waiting on customers, doing their bills, I also shipped out truck parts (Schwans Trucks) all over the world, along with being the secretarial assistant to the ladies in the front office, and I also helped out in the service department. I worked there til I was 20! Thanks to that job - I got a lot of great experience in the car dealership world - and it got me my last job!
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My first job was at 16 but I think my dad had me helping out when I was about 9
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I was 15 and worked in a Exotic pet store that sold among other things, monkeys. My job, which was not exotic, included cleaning the cages of these monkeys who insisted on mooning me every time they saw me coming.
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My first real job was when I was 17. Before that I did babysitting and housesitting.
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I was 12 I was a trap girl at the local shooting club. I worked there till I was 16 and then on and off for a couple years along with other jobs. I wish I could do that as a living. I was so much more relaxing.
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