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not just new cat/FIRST cat

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not just new cat, but my first cat

have had horses, dogs (currently 2, a bassett and a wanna-be bassett) and bunnies (2 bonded bunnies), but never a cat.

i adopted a +/- 5yr calico angora this morning. she is being spayed thursday; i'm picking her up saturday.

i have 2 days to learn a few basics and many years to learn much.

i hope you all will help me, now and in the future,

thanks in advance, gael
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Well Welcome to you and your new baby glad to have you here, hope you enjoy it, there's lots of wonderful cat lovers here and fun, information pretty much any kind of help you may need. So from myself and my 8 Furbabies Oh and I also have a Basset I used to raise them ...Anyhoo Welcome see you on the forums
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Hi Gael, and welcome, I am new also. Your first cat, I remember that, it wasn't too long after my mom died that a stray adopted me. First of 6 I have had the honor to know. Let the cat be a cat. It is going to get up on counters, it is going to look like a lion hunting down your shoes, it is a cat. Let her be herself and ENJOY her, and she will bring you such joy.....promise.

They are many people that can help you through the tough parts. She will feel like total crap for a day after surgery. Think of a really bad period. Pamper her, and she will instinctively know what to do.

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I was just thinking that although I have had many cats in my life, it is only now that I have my first kitten. There is something very special about being first.
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Welcome gael!
Have you decided on her name? Congratulations and hope to see photos soon!
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Welcome to TCS And Congrats on your first kitty!! Be careful they are addicting!!!
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Welcome Gael and beautiful calico girl!

THANKS for adopting and THANKS for spaying an adult cat! Not only will you receive far more than you could give , you are making a positive difference in the life of someone whose chances of being adopted are not as great as with a kitten. You should be proud of yourself!

The forums here are wonderfully informative regarding "Cat Care 101". Check those out! And I'm sure there are a lot of us who are willing and able to help.
Basically, you're doing the most important things -- adopting and spaying/checkup/innoculations -- already. You know you'll need good quality cat food (premium is best and actually cheaper as it keeps your cat healthier and cuts down on medical bills) from Petco, PetsMart, or other "Pet" supply store (Nutro Max Cat is a very good brand; other good ones include Natural Balance, Optimum Nature's Recipe, PetGuard, PetGold, ProPlan, Triumph, and Trader Joe's if you have those there, sells premium cat foods) (wet and dry is good), fresh water daily, cat furniture, scratching post(s) and pad(s), a large, sturdy litter box and I recommend "scoopable" clay litter, well-made, safe toys, and I like to give treats, too, such as Whiskas Temptations, Nutro Max Cat, Whisker Lickin's, or other), and if you aren't planning on her sleeping with you, a nice, soft, washable cat bed (Petco has berber "cat donuts" for around $10.00). A sturdy plastic cat carrier is also recommended for vet visits and/or any other travelling; all of the above are available at the referenced stores. And I like a breakaway collar with a metal ID tag on each of "my" cats. Microchipping is also a good idea; this is something to ask your vet about.

BEST of luck and can't wait to see pictures and hear stories!
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I, too am a first time cat owner. I've owned dogs and fed feral cats but Gizmo's the first one who came to stay.

Get a good book on cats--I use the CAT OWNER'S MANUAL by Dr. Bruce Fogle and there's another good one called THINK LIKE A CAT. These will get you through most day to day queries. This site is great for advice that is not covered in the books.

Good luck with your new friend!
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Hi welcome to the site. If I am remembering right Angoras are large cats so if you get cat trees and such you will want to get it for the size of your cat and perhaps get one made for a bigger cat because you want to make sure the cat tree is sturdy enough for her. My cat is 11 lbs so she has to have a large cat tree. Give her lots of love and she will return it. And please don't get her declawed because it cause alot of behavorial and health problems look into soft claws. Ask you vet about them. They help keep the furniture in tact and your cat can keep her claws. Lots of luck being sent your way. Gail
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Hi and welcome to TCS!......

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS Glad to have you with us!!
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welcome to the forums. I have just finished my first personal experience with a cat, see my other posts, and I am sure that you will garner many years of enjoyment from your new feline friend. Show her lots of love, and you will gets lots in return. again welcome.
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Hello and Welcome to TCS you will have lots of fun on here see ya around the threads
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