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We Have A Kitten?...help

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OK Now that I know she had the kitten what do I do? Do cats only have one kitten??? She must have had the kitten when we were out this morning. Should I look for more? Do they have all there kittens in one spot?? She has been walking around since this afternoon so I have no idea if she had one or more? Atleast she picked my closet on the cheap sheet...LOL
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Sometimes they go a little bit between having kittens. They will also, if they sense something is wrong with the kitten, they will have it and just leave it somewhere. I am not saying this is what happened, I am just saying that sometimes it does. If it is a young mother, it is very possible she will only have one or two kittens. It depends on a lot of things.If you are worried, I would call your local vet and talk to him and see what he recommends. There is always a danger of a kitty getting stuck in the birth canal because it is to large or something like that. Again, not meaning to alarm you, just letting you know what can happen. If she is mewing and restless she could still be in labor, again a call to your vet would put your mind at ease here. Good luck.
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My cat is had four kittens. The most important thing is her health, make sure the place she's kept in is dim (if she isn't is a place like that then don't move her), keep her warm and leave her alone, the queen will like a little privacy. Don't worry, my cat did fine, if anything seems unusual call a vet immediately.
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