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Thank heaven for pets!

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What an icky week I've been having.
But thank heaven for pets, they make every day brighter!

First I go in and clean my pythons cage and she is curled up in her water dish. she is so big, her chubby body was over the top of the dish coiling out. she pokes her little head outta the water dish and flickers her tounge at me.
She remains in her dish the whole time as I am cleaning out her cage. she stared at me the whole time as I told her all about my day, She was almost sweet like to me.

Then I dig into the rat cage and TJ or BabyMomma's babys are now able to hop around the cage and their ears are now open and perked up. they are soooo adorable. The almost all black one is Batman and the other is Superman. I held them both in my hand and they were very docile.
Tj was also in the lovey mood, giving my ears kisses and climbing all over me.

I ended that night with mikey crawling into bed with me, snuggling in his spot and falling asleep with his feet kicking my shoulder like always.

Sometimes i wonder if it wasnt for all the little love and affection from my pets I might go mental.
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I'm sure I would loose my mind if I didnt have my babies to cuddle with and talk to. Johns nice and all but I like to go to the animals because they dont talk back.
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I know what you mean.Even with the ring worm outbreak we have now,I wouldn't want to live without ANY of my babies!! They are truly my kids.
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I know what you mean...Trout purred up a storm last night again sleeping with me...and she was actually on the bed when I woke up too!!
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that's what I love about my furbabies, they are always there for you to listen to you when you can't reach a friend. I treat them like they are my kids.
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