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Sighs Kirra had another seizure

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Well sunday night my husband was playing with Kirra with a cat teaser, probley about 10 mins this time aruond and down she went. This seizure was worse than the one back in september. Septembers seizure she was chewing rapidly and shaking but stayed still. This time she was flailing around, salivating bad(foaming etc, hug puddles of saliva) we had to hold her steady as she was flopping all over the floor(hard wood floors didnt want her to hurt herself) we didnt realise they wont swollow/bite their tongues and so hub was tring to help her(stuck finger in mouth) got bit good, no infection he is ok. She went on like this for 2-3 mins. Aftwards she meows a bit stayed close by, her senses seemed heighted, jumped at EVERYTHING, we had to lock her in her carrier for 30 mins while she calmed down, she was indagering herself. She has been fine since. The vet saw here 2 weeks ago for an infection on her neck i posted about. He had asked me how her seizures were i said we hadnt seen one. He told me that she maybe one of these cats that is born with a small lesion on the brain and certain things can trigger a seizure. He said unless she is having seizures 2times or more in a week that he would leave it up to us to run tests. If its longer than that inbetween there may not be much they can do to control the seizures. Since it has been 1 1/2 months since he last seizure and the same situation, we decided to take away all cat teasers/shoelasses/laserpens. Hubby will still
wrestle" with her like she likes, but she has a playcenter and a excerise center and her numerous mice/balls/ect that she can play with. With those she can control how long to play, where with the cat teaser as long as we tease she plays. Clearly over exserstion is one trigger for her. So per the vet unless she has a seizure back to back in a week, or seems to have something wrong after a seizure, we will just have to control her hyper exposure to minamal.

This last seizure was so bad though, my husband said he was scared she was gonna die, he didnt think she was breathing, her breathes were just fast and shallow. I would say she had the equvalent to a human's grand-mal. *sighs* i wish there was more we could do , i hate taking her teasers away she LOVES them. I had to hide em again, she broke into the closet last night in search of em.
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Oh dear God, how frightening for you. I hope your husband is OK. Isn't there some medication for the seizures?

Healing headbuts and get better fast licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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the vet said for the once in a blue moon seizure sadly there is no meds, thats why he said unless its 2 or more in a week nothing we can do.

hubby is ok thankfully, when he went to flush it out( i told him to go and stay with her till she stopped) he also squeezed the blood out some(like with a snake bite) in opens of flushing out the bacteria, seems to have worked, no infection.
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Poor Kirra and how upsetting for you and hubby. At least by being careful not to over-stimulate at least you will be able to rule that out as a cause. Sending healing vibes for Kirra (and hubby).
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Thanks for the well wishes guys. Hub's finger is fine, cant tell he was bit now(thankfully) Kirra is odd. Just like her last seizure she becomes so overly affectionate, its odd, she never seeks my husband's attention, but now is all over him and very very talkative(almost like my old siamese) never understand it.
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Hi. I don't know about cats, but I have a 9 years old German Shepherd who's having seizures for 8 years now. Sometimes she's having a seizure when somebody rings the doorbell, and for quite a time I thought that that triggerd her serizure. But I was wrong because she also has seizures while asleep, or on the street when I walk her. Having only two seizures [as I understand from your post - sorry if I'm wrong, I'm new here], are you absolutely sure that the teasers trigger the seizures in your cat?
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Not the teasers, the over exursution, playing to long basically. Each seizure came on after 10 mins of play time
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