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My face hurts!!

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I'm recovering after my oral surgery quite well, but by this time of the day my face starts hurrrrting!!! For those who missed it, I had bone taken from my sinus cavity, and connective tissue taken from the roof of my mouth, and all that got used to build up an area where they implanted a titanium screw.

The front of my mouth hurts where they did the actual implant, but my sinus is the worst bit, it just throbs, and drugs aren't helping.

Anyway, that's my whinge for the day....
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Aw, sweety I hope that pain goes away soon...I am a firm beleiver that mouth pain is the WORST kind of pain...at least with every other pain, you can eat away your sorrows..

get well soon
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You go right ahead and whine Sarah......you have every right..........just hang in there as best you can.........
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OUCH!! my face would hurt, too! I hope you feel better soon!
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I hope you feel better soon. Sounds pretty bad.
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try talking to your doctor...tell them that its making you very very uncomfortable. maybe they've got some good drugs.

i've had oral surgery...blah i was miserable. my cheeks swelled, any kind of pressure hurt. i was always in need of pain meds. esp at night.

i hope it all goes well and your pain eases up.
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Argh, I'm still hurting!! Problem with the pain meds is they make me completely woozy, and I'm working all day, have to drive home, and then have to study for my first end of semester university exam on Monday, so can't afford to be whacked out!!

And regular strength pain meds don't do much
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Sorry to hear you're hurting. Go ahead and whine if it makes you feel better. I hope it gets better soon.
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It's weird it's been throbbing for so long, I hope there's no infection in the bone/surgery site...

If it's like this tomorrow I guess I'll go see the doc again.
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Feel better sweetie!
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