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New Ginger pics

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Ginger found a new way to play with the Turbo-Scratcher! If one ball is good, two balls must be better!

Sometimes Meowmy gets busy on the computer and it's just easier for a kitty to choose her own toys. Yes, the ball is still in the bag at this point, but it wasn't there for very long.

Ginger loves laying on top of the computer monitor and watch me and my documents. Of course, she knows that she'll get scritches more often there, too.

Most recently, Ginger has been helping me with the TCS Fundraiser, Cooking with Cattitude Volume II (yes, another shameless plug ). But putting together a cookbook is hard work, and a little kitty needs to rest every so often.

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Oh she's precious!!!
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Awww, she's so so pretty! I'd let her join me on my computer any day!
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I just LOVE that coy look on her face in the second-to-last picture!!!
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Oh my goodness Ginger is absolutely precious!
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There's that pretty Ginger Cookie!
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She's such a beautiful girl!! She looks so happy and relaxed with her new home
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Awww!, what a beautiful little lady, it's so good to see that she is all settled in
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Ever such a pretty girl, and sooooooooo at home!
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Oh wow she's such a doll, and she takes very nice pictures also
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Goodness Heidi how settled is Ginger!. She looks so relaxed in those pictures she looks like she's been living with you all for years!
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Awww, Ginger really knows how to make play time fun! She's such a pretty and clever girl!
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Hi Ginger Honey......are you being nice to Ophelia??? Heidi, she looks wonderful!!!
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Sweet pictures! She probably likes the monitor because it's warm as well!
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What a sweetie! I love the ones of her on the monitor
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Ginger looks so relaxed and happy. She loves helping her Meowmy with TCS.
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Ginger is so beautiful - and resourceful too!
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what a gorgeous cat
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she is looking like one very happy cat
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