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Color Help Please!

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How can I post a picture?
I am new here and need some color help with a kitten. She is a Scottish fold, her sire is a Cameo with white spotted tabby, dam is a solid blue British Shorthair. I think she is a blue-cream but wanted to double check with the experts. Thanks so much for your help!
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Welcome to TCS.

This thread should help

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She would have to be a blue cream - since one parent is cream, the other is blue.

Is she tabby from her father? And does she have white on her?

If so she technically would be classified as a BlueCream Tabby w/White

Ok I checked the pics - doesn't seem she has any tabby markings so she would be a bluecream.
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She looks to have Tortie markings or is it just me?
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A bluecream IS a dilute version of the tortie Tortie would be red/black.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
A bluecream IS a dilute version of the tortie Tortie would be red/black.

Um....wait I knew that! Lol
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Will forgive you THIS time Julie - don't let it happen again!
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She could also be a bluecream smoke, right ? Since her dad is a cameo. I don't have experience with dilutes and silvers so I'm asking, I think she looks rather smoke in the pic but maybe that's just because her cream hasn't come in yet ? I went to find a pic of a bluecream smoke and she looks rather similar to me:
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Yes its possible since cameo is a "smoke" gene. If the base hair (next to the skin) is WHITE - not grayish, then she would be a bluecream smoke. I'd wait till she's got her adult coat in to decide. Kitten coats change a lot. She might look smoke one day and not the next. But smoke does have white hair.
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