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UK - 1 cat involved in a RTA every 2 1/2 minutes

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Title says it all really


Not sure whether this is the right place to post this - please move if not appropriate.

More and more people over here are keeping their cats indoors and this is why. Sombre reading. I'm so glad I keep mine indoors. People often tell me that I'm denying them the chance to live their lives to the full by denying them the great outdoors, but heck, at least they're alive.

There may be fewer risks over here than in the US, but not exactly safe is it?
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There are fewer risks in the UK from ticks, disease and wild animals, but there is the same problem with traffic and cats that are not seen until it is too late.

Yes, you're denying the cat something by keeping it indoors...you're denying it a horrible death on the road.
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Just two days after we brought our new kitten home, the wife and I were out driving and saw a kitten that looked just like ours squashed on the road. Of course we knew it could not possibly be our kitten but the image definately burned itself into our minds and we vowed, although we had not discussed it as of yet, to never ever allow Persi outside. We do have a nice semi-enclosed patio in back that I am thinking of completely screening off though so that he can enjoy going outside just a little with no chance of getting away. I was going to do this anyway because of the mosquitos we have here in Texas and this would serve as a dual purpose.
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holy moly! 630 a day??? I don't even want to know what that figure might be in the US
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Scary, isn't it? I don't know why more people over here don't catproof their gardens or build cat runs, since the majority of cat owners have gardens. I guess the idea hasn't occurred to most people - ie those who don't read cat magazines and frequent internet forums etc. I'm not even arguing against cats going outside completely - I still think it's for people to look at their individual circumstances and environment and weigh up the risks and benefits - but it is horrible to think of so many cats being killed and injured every day. And a shame that it takes losing a few cats to RTAs before most even consider keeping them indoors.
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YOu don't allow children to play in traffic. Dogs must be on leash. Cats are not really gifted with nine lives, and it's a kindness to them (and to neighbours who have cats spraying in their gardens or killing their birds) to keep the pet indoors.
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A quarter of a million cats killed each year - that horrific figure should convince some people that it's advisable to keep their cats indoors only, or to just allow them outdoors on a lead or in an enclosure.
We had a nine-month-old kitten run over by a truck in our small, semi-rural town several years ago, and since then, I haven't been in favor of just letting cats roam.
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I sure wish I could get some of that sanity into John's head. He does insist that Bijou be allowed out and each and every time he does it I feel my blood pressure rising and have to zip my lip. He wanted to let him out Halloween night and he did. As soon as his back was turned I called Bijou and brought him in.

What is it with this stubborn attitude that it's "only fair" to let them go outside. Thankfully Jennifer has told him in no uncertain conditions is he allowed to let Mika outside and since Mika is her cat he won't let Mika outside.
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