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Whats best for teeth?

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Chips is 6 years old, and when we got him he had terrible teeth. We have recently had the vet extract and clean the ones that were in bad shape, and we were told to put him on dental diet. I was wondering if there were any other dental diets out there besides the Friskies one he is on now, because he doesn't like it and I always find him sneaking kitten chow from my kitten or any table scraps he finds. I would like to switch his food, but I have to make sure it will help his teeth stay clean...
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I havnt heard of any cure all fix all dental diets. The best thing to do for their teeth is brush them if you can. If it is a lot of trouble, if you take some feline toothpaste on just a rag and wipe down their gums and teeth it should do the trick. Any dry food is good for the teeth, it helps to break up the tartar. You may want to look into the CET line of dental products.
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Yeah, I also think that the main point is to feed him dry rather than wet food. Go for a quality super premium brand and keep him off the table scraps.

There are also cat treats that help fight tartar but they are what their name implies - an occaional treat and not a balanced diet in itself.
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