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An *awesome* music site!

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Ok I may be behind the times here but my bro told me about this site last week and I'm SO addicted!!

It's basically an online radio station. To begin, create your own station and type in the name of a song or artist that you like. You can keep adding more songs/artists all you want- or you can create different stations for different types of music (or however you want to divide them up!).

The whole point is that by giving the song/artist it will play music similar to what you've entered. As each song comes up you can rate it thumbs up or thumbs down and then based on that info it will choose more music.... To rate you just hold your mouse over the picture of what is playing and a little box will pop up.

I should mention that it's live streaming- so if you have dial up I'm not sure how well it will work It's worth a shot though!

Anyway- I really like it... I even went out and bought headphones so I can listen at work- and now I have a 3ft tether to my desk!
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Sounds pretty cool Sarah........I'll have to give it a try when I get home! Thanks for sharing!
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This is so cool ........Thanks for sharing it!!!!
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oooh I like

Thanks for sharing
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One of the guys at work was telling me about that yesterday. I wanted to check it out when I got home but forgot the name of it. So thank you for bringing it up. I'm off to check it out now!
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It is very cool, I love Pandora
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Thanks even more time spent procrastinating...
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Can you burn the music? Im looking for some REALLy old songs I used to have on my comp before my memory crashed and I havent been able to find it
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I just did it I'm listening to ELVIS !!!! Thanks~~~
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Nifty, Sarah! Thank you!
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As far as I know there isn't any way to download it and burn it- but I'm not too savy with that stuff. My bro says it's live streaming which I guess means.... I have no clue how to explain it!
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I'm bumping this because a lot of you might miss out on an awesome thing!!!

Customized radio!

Right now I'm rockin' out while paying bills!
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They sell software that allows you to capture songs from streaming internet radio and convert them to MP3's. Don't know the name, but Circuit City sells it, and i'm sure all the other major retailers sell something similar.

It's pretty cool! thanks!

I also like -- but really, you can just find indie stuff and I like folk and bluegrass (in addition to MANY other things) but you can get some really awesome indie stuff.
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I love Pandora! The only problem I see is that when I find a neat band like Old '97s, I can't find the music for download anywhere (like my favorite russian site I'd actually have to go to Amazon and buy (gasp!) the CD!
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