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My signature is missing

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Hi guys. My Egyptian cat signature is missing. Does anyone know what happened? I used to have it on Photobucket, but had too much trouble with them. How do I get my singature from my hard drive to here, please? I have in "My Pictures".
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I can see it.
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I can't see yours or mine. There is a box with an "x" in the corner where the signature should be.
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Must be something on your end, I see them both. Maybe you somehow have a new picture viewer that doesn't see them??? Have you installed any new software or updated any programs???
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I can see yours, too. When you post, there is a box to check to be able to see or not see "show your signature". Maybe that is unchecked on yours?
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I can see it also.
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If you go into the options in your user cp you may have turned on the option to hide all images - or - if you are browsing at work they may have blocked the host site (usually photobucket)

can you see these

1. Photobucket

2. Flickr
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I can not see a single pitcure in any of the signatures. It was ok this morning, I'll bet the a new or updated something was run on this stupid computer. I'll Have to find a way around it. Thanks guys.

Funny I can see the emoticons.
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Now I can see my new one. Anyone else see it?
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I can see the new one.
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Yep, I see the cute little one! That one's uploaded to the site, so your PC might be handling it different than a link...
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I can see it too - and its very cute!
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Thank you everyone. I am just riled up because they alway manage to mess up the people who are stupid enough to give them a full days work. I'm in this hole from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm, with two or three potty breaks and one 1/2 lunch. So I mess around the internet, so what? I'm sitting at my desk, answering phones, my work is all caught up.........sorry.......I've had that siggy forever, it was so elegant...........GGGRRRROOOWWWLLL....
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Oh baby, you are back!!!! Those idiots are going to make me the best hacker in the world.

Welcome home baby!!!!!

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I have figured out that the work ITs have changed the photo reading whatever and Photobucket has been cut off. I can't see any of the baby picutres or most other siggys. However, I can at home. By the way, MY siggy is still visible, I got around them. YES.....
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