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Sev's unhappy Halloween

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Heather these are for you!! I know u can't see photobucket pics at work sorry!!!

Sev was not amused:

If you give Sev kitchen tongs he will do whatever you want, even dress up like Hugh Hefner. (He loves those tongs and bites them like crazy, they are now HIS!) He purred the WHOLE time!!

And he stayed that way for hours and all the neighborhood kids LOVED IT!!I'm positive Joey was secretly laughing

And Sophia guarded the candy, she was grateful she didn't have to dress up!
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Poor Sev. I'm not laughing at you sweetie, I'm laughing with you.
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This is a absolutely gorgeous picture!

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Sev certainly looks a lot more happier as Hugh Hefner! Are you sure Joey and Sophia werent jealous of Sev's smoking jacket?
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Poor Sev! He wants to know why he couldn't be a lion! RRAAWWRR!!
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Those Playboy bunnies had better watch out, there's a new Top Cat in town!
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Aww, Sev is a suave debonair kitty, not FRANKENSTEIN!!! Sophia looks downright evil guarding that candy with those eyes.... and yes I think I do see a little smirk on Joey's face
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Aw. What cuties. Sev is just adorable.
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he looks sooo cute even when he is upset but it looks like he is saying I'm gonna scratch your eyes out.
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Awwh, what a dreamboat! =D (I LOOOOVE your candy bowl in the last pic, too cute!!)
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He's definitely a Hugh Hefcat and not a Frankenkitty. He sure looks smart and sassy in his smoking jacket.
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Oh, Sev, what did your Mommy make you do! You're such a precious little boy, and the absolute most gorgeous Hugh Hefner I've ever seen! I'm most amused by how much Sev enjoys his kitchen tongs, how cute! Joey, stop that laughing! Sophia, you did an excellent job guarding the candy, sweetheart! These were so much fun, Helen, thank you!
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That is so adorable!, I love the one of him in his Hugh outfit
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Awwwww Sev look at you sweetie! Joey does look like he's smirking as well

He looks great as Hef! And Sophia looks like she's guarding a pot of cat treats instead of kids sweets
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Just look at that face in the Frankenstein costume!

I definitely agree that you look better as Hugh, Sev!
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OOOH! Sev doesnot look like a happy cat, but he must love you alot to do this
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What are you doing to my nephew???? LOL Sev looks awesome as Hugh and I think you're right.....Sophia was just glad to be a spectator!!! Joey is just silently praying you don't think of him for Santa!!!!!!!
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Sweet Sev thanks you all for laughing at him, I mean saying nice things about him!!! He is really a very sweet boy and has helped me a lot in the past few months!!!
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Sev makes a wonderful Hugh Hefner! I love the color of his smoking jacket. Sophia and Joey are probably thinking "better him than us".
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hey hel!! I finally got on here. Sev looks so cute
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Oh Lord, I missed these! Sev looks very dapper as Hugh Hefner!
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I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get online at home....

Oh, and Mr. Hefner, when do the bunny auditions begin? Sign me up Big Daddy!!! You handsome thing YOU!!!

(no really, I'd be hanging out with Sofia by the candy...and Helen, I love the bucket!!!)

Thanks for the pics! They're awesome!
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