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Can I Handle It?

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Well i was thinking about it and it's really going to be a chore to care for 6 cats and 2 coming litters. Plus i really was hoping to build my enclosure before it got to cold, plus not to mention i have 2 big dogs to care for. I think i've got my self in to a corner , i can't even look at the bills right now . Why couldn't i find a guy that stops me from doing things lol. How do you other fur-moms deal with all these cats? I still have to prepare for Faith's kittens that are bound to pop out of know where in a week or so.
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what kind of cats are they?
not to sound mean or anything..but I hope you have homes lined up for these kittens. and are the pregnant cats yours or are you fostering them?
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I don't know to me there just shorthairs. My friend rescued them from a guy that got them and didn't fix them so the 2 females got pregnant. Then my friend was moving and they don't allow pets so i ended up with them. I haven't had time to look for homes for the un-born kittens.
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oh I see. I'm sure you'll find homes for them. and I would make sure they are all fixed before going to their new homes. are the cats that are pregnant going to be fixed as well? good luck!
(and sorry if I sound a little harsh.. I am not trying to be. )
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Oh no not harsh just a concerned TCS member . Actually the 2 females and male will be fixed and i was going to keep them because there calm (lol) and are very friendly. Then just re-home all the kittens, or in my case fall in love get a funny look from my man and i'll end up with a bunch of cats lol.
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I don't know how you and others can handle a bunch of cats, especially when there is a queen and kittens involved. I remember when I was fostering a mommy cat and her 4, 8 week old kittens, two year old males, and one 16 year old female. I thought I would go nuts hearding the kittens and mommy cat into the basement every day, without her attacking my yellow male, and then feeding everyone and scooping everyone. It was tuff. And a lactating female has the stinkiest poo I ever smelled. GAG. That was the first and last time for me. Maybe if I were 20 years younger. Now it is just me, the two males, and one of the males from the litter. Old girl died and mommy and three females were adopted
I admire you and others that can handle more than three compatible cats. I know I can't.
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lol well i am in my early 20's . But it's just if i can handle everything i love animals and i took them because she couldn't find a home soon enough all the no-kill shelters were booked and the only fur-kid fosters she knows already have a bunch of fosters to handle.
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Well I've never had any litters of kitten from birth, but out of my 14 cats, 11 are under a year old and they really keep themselves occupied, everyone pretty much gets along ok, and the ones that are anti-social take the high road and avoid the others... the biggest hassle is the 10 litterboxes but it really only takes 10 mins or so a day my advice for the mommies and their kits is to sequester them in a large dog crate so you're not chasing little kittens everywhere
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Yeah the only dog cages i have is for my Great Dane and another for my rott so i have no extra big cages . Then of course i'll have more litter box's i'm use to my 2 kitties sharing one. But i know the girls will need there own and then Danton. So i have spend a bunch of money on more stuff **Grr**.
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Just a thought, but could you get boxes & any other cat supplies from the person you got the pregnant girls from? If she can't have cats she won't be using them anytime soon....

Good luck with all the kits! I don't think I could handle that many, but just because I'm not all that fond of kittens. I'd much prefer to foster special needs adults! Don't forget to post pics for us!
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Well, I have Blaze who is 1 1/2,Corwin who is 7 months old,Lilly who is 6 months old,Sapphire who is 5 months old,and Mia who is 4 months old.Plus, I have 4 skin kids.
You asked how you do it.To me, it really isn't much difference from 1 cat to 5 cats.They keep each other entertained for the most part.
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white cat lover, yeah all she had was a square cardboard box that she filled with kitty litter. She didn't have time to buy them a actual litter box. Plus the girls won't share one and was they have the kittens they can't. I'm going to try and make a pen for her and put a litter box in it etc. That way i don't have to spend $100+ on big cages for the queens .
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It sounds like you will have your hands full and then some.

Perhaps you can look around for someone to foster the 2 pregnant cats either before they give birth or immediately afterwards.
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I was thinking about it i really wanted to keep the 3 adults. Or atleast Lilly and Danton. But i like Faith to lol, i'll see how it goes i should be able to handle it since the kittens should be about a month or so old by the time Lilly has hers and i think she will have a small litter (i hope). I'm taking all 3 of them in this Friday for ultrasounds and to get Danton fixed .
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