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Vibes for Yowdy

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A few days ago I had Yowdy outside in the gardens with me. The next door neighbors cat came over and they got into a quick tussle.It was over in less then a minute. I checked Yowdy all over and found nothing! Last night my oldest son said mom quick come and look at Yowdy.On his shoulder area he must of had a tooth puncture from the neighbors cat. It had abcessed and ruptured.
So Off to the vets as soon as they opened today.Luckily my vets are walk in no appointment is neccessary. I thought probably a antibiotic shot and a bottle of liquid antibiotics and we would be good to go. But no the abcess needs to be debrided and a wick put in so it will drain probably a couple of stitches ,rabies booster even though hes up to date , penicillian shot and antibiotics to be given at home.. They need to put him under anethesia to do this. So I had to leave him they will do it after 12:00 and I can pick him up around 6:00. They gave me a estimate $269.00 Whoa!
I'm so worried I hate having them put under. I did have the pre op blood work done but its still so worrisome untill you get the call that all went well. So could you send some get well wishes my way..
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Im so sorry you are going through this. Heres sending many vibes to you and Yowdy!
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that Yowdy will be fine!
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lots of quick recovery vibes for Yowdy!!
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Awwwwe! Poor Yowdy!! (I love his name by the way!)

Here are some speedy recovery vibes for you guys *{{{{*}}}}*
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Sending lots of {{{{{Get Well Soon}}}}} vibes to Yowdy.
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Sending lots of positive vibes to Yowdy! He'll be sooooo happy to see you when you come to pick him up and take him back home!
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Me, Nathan & Skye are sending many happy thoughts for you and Yowdy
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Get well soon, Yowdy!
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Oh I'm sorry about this. Yowdy, we hope you are feeling better soon!!
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