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5 months

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5 months ago to the day...and time,i was sitting at this very spot. sox was laying in my lap as i soaked his silky black fur with my tears. begging him not to leave. praying he would make it. he gave me 10 more hours. so this time 5 months ago he was here. each month that passes i say that. his passing has tought me to hold my others a little closer and that means my fellow humans too. so i write this in his memory, believing some how he knows i am thinking of him right now. loving and missing him. i love you sox! :angel2: :angel2:
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That's a loving tribute to a pet who was obviously very well loved. Sox must have been so special!
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Sox is no longer in pain, but I can feel yours through your writing. That is indeed a lovely tribute to your baby Sox.
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Sox knows. And I'm sure he's glad he brought so much to you, and that now you share that love a little more, holding all, as you say, a little closer. It's good you tell him this. Good for you and nice for him. Tell him as often as you wish, as often as you need to.
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