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i live in the uk, i have always had cats but fizz is my first female, we had tom cats for years but when the last one died we decided to get a kitten and we ended up with fizz or should i say fizz ended up with us, we never picked her we were looking at her brother but she would not leave our little girl alone she was following her around and sitting with her so we took her, that was 4 years ago and she has been a joy but we kept her as a house cat but she escaped so we are now expecting our first and last litter she is visiting the vet to get spayed after babies are born and she has recovered. fizz is a jet black short hair and she rules the house, she is a real little madam.
anyway just thought i would intorduce myself and my baby, hope to get to know every one.
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Hi and welcome to TCS
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome kka and Fizz and all!

Glad you're here with all of us at TheCatSite, and want to thank you for being caring and responsible in adopting and in spaying! And although I try hard not to be partial, having lived all my life with cats, I must admit to having a weakness for little black ones! Hope you love it here like we do...
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Hi and welcome, I am fairly new on the site too. You will love it. There are always people there to help with anything you need. I have a pregnant cat and i have had loads of advice and help.
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Dear Jan and Snowy:

OH HOW GORGEOUS SNOWY IS!!! In Thailand, odd-eyed white cats like Snowy are called Diamond-Eyes Cats. Just thought you might enjoy that bit of feline trivia! Take best care of your mum-to-be and her babies and thanks in advance for spaying, and adopting to only loving, forever homes!!!
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Hi Great to have you here, can't wait to see pics of your baby!!!
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