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Showing the new kid the ropes

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This is just too adorable. This is Maggie, a 2 yr old Aussie, and one of my rescues, Pumkin at just 4 weeks old. It seems as if Maggie is telling Pumkin just folow me to dinner....

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OH your right........that is just too cute! Do you have any more pics you can share with us???
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That's very cute, I bet that kitty will rope that Maggie right in Are the Aussies good with kitties? I have a Basset hound who feels like she's walking around on a land mine sometimes
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Oh please, more pics!
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that is just TOO sweet!!! ..more pics pretty please!
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That is just too cute!!
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Awww That is such an adorable picture!
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Awwwwwwwwww look at the size of Pumkin to Maggie!!!! What a sweet picture
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Oh Boy!! do I have more pictures....
This is my 2 Aussies, Dottie (momma dog) and Maggie (the pup)
and me taken last year at Petco...

I foster and rescue alot of very young kittens and Dottie is the biggest help. She had 3 litters of her own before she was spayed so now she just loves to mother the kittens. Maggie is less the mothering type and more of the playmate. It is a running joke in our house when Maggie is chewing on a bone we say to the kittens "Let's go annoy the dog" and if the kittens get close to Maggie's bone she gets up and gives me this "AH, Mom" look. Neither dog has ever acted aggressive toward any of the cats. In fact, my Dianna and Maggie were born the same week and grew up together and are best buds as you can see here

Massage anyone!!

And we wouldn't have Annie if it wasn't for Dottie. I had gone to the barn to feed the horses and Dottie started going nuts and trying to tear the door to the mini horse pen down. So I openned it and Dottie went over to where this little kitten was huddled. Annie had an infection in both eyes and was probably ony about 10 days old. So I brought her home and doctored her and bottle fed her and she became a perm resident...

Dottie and Annie...
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Awwwww! More Pumkin piccies, please!!! I love your doggies, too!!!
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Wonderful story and great pictures!!
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How sweet! Look at the kitty giving a massage Great pics!
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What neat stories, and pics! More please!
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Aww, what a wonderful dog! That's such a great story. I love the massage pic.
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I will post more pics of Pumkin as soon as I can get Photobucket to cooperate
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I am going to post more Pumkin pics in fur pics because they are just him
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NOw that is adorable!!
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Adorable Love the massage pic!!
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