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Halloween pic!

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We took my daughter out last night for the first time to trick or treat. Once she got started she just wanted to keep on going. She's 3. Here's a pic of her in her costume and all the candy she got. People just live giving the little ones a crap load of candy lol. She is such a cutie, here it is...

Have a good day all,
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Whata cutie! And look at that stash she earned!!
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Awww, your daughter looks a real cutie!

She certainly did get a lot of sweets and crisps, the lucky thing!
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She is adorable and she got a lot of LOOT!!!!
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what a cutie!!!
thank you for share!!!
is wonderful!
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I could tell you were from Canada just by looking at her loot!!! Coffee Crisps are my favorite!

What a cutie! My friend has a 3 year old and she was a pink power ranger this year- I can't wait to see a pic. Kids in costumes are sooooo cute!
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What a cutie! That looks like enough candy to last a year!
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Shes precious!! Oh and did you get to share her treats with her??
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Just darling!!!
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Thanks! Oh I'm sure the candy will last quite the little while. And yes mommy and daddy get to have some too hehe. I think there are some things in there she wouldn't be able to eat yet anyway.
Today was funny, we went out to do some running around and she wanted to bring her pumpkin bucket to trick or treat again lol. She loved it which was great!
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