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I work with an idiot...

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Someone please tell me why I need to accomodate to a co-worker that is STUPID?

She gets paid as a full-time employee (probably more than me), has been here a year but seriously knows nothing more then when she started. I don't think she has the mental capacity to learn either. She told me that she doesn't "need" to work for the $ and that her husband lets her have a career. :censor::censor::censor: is that??? I usually have patience and understanding and all that with people but this is simply NOT RIGHT. Plus, she watches her kids (3 under 2 years) WHILE working from a home office. Now THAT is simply impossible.

WHY IS SHE STILL HERE?! And why does everyone need to cater to her?

Sorry guys, just needed to cripe a bit...I'll calm down in a bit!
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I think that there are lots of people in the job world who see how little work they can actually do and get paid for. Those type of people drive me nuts-you have my sympathy!!
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I was just gonna ask when you started working for the same compant I do! They are everywhere!
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I know my stuff at work, and I get my job done well. But I must admit I am one of those people who sees how little work they can get done and still get paid. Im usually surfing the internet and actually do very little work.


because my boss is a cheap a$$hole who refuses to give me a raise even though ive been here for almost a year and my job as receptionist/secretary/graphic designer/ accountability deserves more than the minimum of 5.15 an hour!

Wow, I feel so much better now
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Yep I have a few of those at work!

They are everywhere
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HA! Yeah, I guess so. There are IDIOTS everywhere.

This one just sent me some strange email apparently asking some sort of question. I started to type back :censor::censor::censor:? rethought that and then typed "Yo no hablo English."

J/K Nahhh...I was nice again, took time and tried to translate the question...

BUT I am losing my patience. Can't we send them all to some other planet?
Anyone have a good name for Planet Idiot?

Yes, I know, I am evil today.
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We could get that country comedian Bill Ingall (sp) to do some "here's your sign" stuff on them!
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I used to work with a woman who appeared to be an idiot. She messed up every job possible - even simple things like copying! She would take an hour to run a 1/2 hour errand. Refused to stay even 1 minute past her time (she was part time) even if that meant leaving something 1/2 done.

Thing is she wasn't an idiot at all. She played one very well, and had more than one person convinced that she wasn't all that bright. She was just out and out lazy and did everything she could to get out of actually working.
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If you think you have it bad-go to this website: If you are having a bad day-this site will really cheer you up!!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
If you think you have it bad-go to this website: If you are having a bad day-this site will really cheer you up!!
WOW - there ARE idiots everywhere.

Okay, this one just called me...HOLY CRAP...seriously it's like she's lived under a rock for the past decade. I'm trying to be understanding but what 30 year old working professional doesn't understand computers???

As I'm trying to explain ad and logo sizes to her, she can't hear me and I can't hear her because her 2 year old son is trying to talk to her at the same time. Once again...:censor::censor::censor:? How in the world can you work full-time at home while also taking care of your children? To me, that's impossible and unfair to both the children and employer.

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Welcome to the club.

You know how there's always 1 idiot in the office that you wonder how and why s/he got the job? I work on the Island of Misfit Workers. Everyone but 4 of us (including myself) knew someone before being hired in.

The next in line of the company: If it weren't for his father owning a business, he would be working someplace where he had to wear a name tag...
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Originally Posted by lovemycodygirl View Post
She told me that she doesn't "need" to work for the $ and that her husband lets her have a career. :censor::censor::censor: is that???... Plus, she watches her kids (3 under 2 years) WHILE working from a home office.
She doesn't sound very honest, either. I can't imagine that anyone would attempt to work from home while trying to take care of three babies/toddlers for fun!

Cheers, from
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It's better than working FOR an idiot.
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Welcome to my world. I have a manager who brings her kids to our workplace after school because they have to go out of town to get home (but they go to school here) so they sit at our workplace until she gets off each day and it's just a joy I swear one day I'm going to snack one of her kids. They are disrespectful and annoying. She does nothing to control them and I have told her on more then one occassion that I'm going to backhand them if she doesn't take care of them.
She's also into her boyfriend and things outside of work instead of things pertaining to work. She never answers her phone when my coworkers have a problem, so they call me. I've been covering her over and over again. Why? Who knows? I was told by my shops owner that I make to much for my position. So why do I do what I do? so that when she messes up royally the owner can see that I've been doing all the work all along. Heck she's gone as far as to steal money from the shop. It's sad really. I work under a complete moron.
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Originally Posted by jugen View Post
I swear one day I'm going to smack one of her kids. I work under a complete moron.
HA! I about fell off my chair laughing when I read that! You need to stop covering for that one and eventually she'll sink herself...hopefully. It's hard not to be a tattletail in that type of situation because that kind of stuff just burns me up!! I usually just keep all this to myself which gets me nowhere. Where do people get off taking advantage of people, their company, etc. without feeling guilty?? I just couldn't do it...

Day 2 of Idiot Saga another email from her...she told me the wrong size to set the Ad I need to re-do it and explain file types and resolution to her AGAIN. Just praying she doesn't call me again today...because if she says, "I don't understand, I don't understand this computer stuff" in that whinny voice again, I'm gonna freak out. For the love of God, has she lived in a cave for the past 15 years???

Thank God I'm off tomorrow! I need it...
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I don't get it!??? (Just kidding don't kill me!)
Yeah I wonder if your coworker is related to my boss? Hmmm... let's see...
Um. I think so. My boss is a total MORON! completely and totally no questions asked, no and's if or butts!!!!! (and I mean BUTTS! )
Enjoy your day off. Think of me. I work everyday except Sunday.
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