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The before and after pictures

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Just a couple.
This is when we dropped off at body shop-it does not have sheet metal on.
The rubber tires have been replaced.

We have to put the seat cushions on, some other minor items to tweak.
Then run it for a few hours to seal everything up.
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WOW what a difference! It looks great!
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Wow!!!!! That is fantastic Gail!
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Gosh, they did a fantastic job, Gail! You wouldn't think it was the same tractor!
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Neil said yesterday that he should have done this while his dad was still living. I said he would have been astounded at the $$ it cost!! Its not in "mint" restoration as we will actually use it once in a while besides driving around the yard.
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Awesome! Nothing runs like a Deere! how old is the tractor?
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This one is a 1951-the other one up at the farm is a 50 or 52. This model is one JD made alot of compared to other models. We restored this one as opposed to the other as this was the only new tractor Neil's dad every bought. Back then it would have been around $600 new-today that wouldn't even pay for the two back tires!!. The paint is not true John Deere paint it is a glossy polyurethane which should hold up better when we start displaying the tractor at events.
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That's so cool! I have to admit that I don't know a thing about tractors, but that is one good looking one.
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Holy smokes, I can't believe the difference! And I thought our old Astro van was looking bad!
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WOW! And what a fine John Deere that turned out to be!!
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That is so cool!! It loks GREAT!!
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It looks amazing Gail!!
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That is so awesome!
My dad had that same tractor when we had our farm in Kentucky! I have a model of it at my parents house... it brings back sooooo many memories of riding on it with my dad through the fields
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WOW that looks great!
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