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Coat Supplement

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Does anyone use a coat supplement? What kind please and does it work?
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My first question is what are you feeding....
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I'll ask the same...but meanwhile I do give them brewers yeast with garlic (it's a tab) when moulting
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KittenChow and when I looked at KittenKiya last night, I thought I had a new cat.....he looked like a walking snowstorm.
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Have you considered switching his food instead of just adding stuff to it? Eve had decent fur when she was eating Eukanuba, although she was starting to get a touch of dandruff, but got amazing slick glossy fur when I switched her to Chicken Soup. Not a flake of dry skin in sight, either. The quality of the food (and the amount of Omega fats) shows in the fur.

Although no food stops seasonal shedding.
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What's Chicken Soup?
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Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. It's similar to Felidae and Innova but about the same price as Nutro (aka not very expensive).

Nutro would be a big improvement over Kitten Chow too.
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Does PetsMart have it? I have to go up there today.
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Petsmart has Nutro .. CHicken soup is found at Nutro prices at feed stores...

Kitten chow is not the bottom of the food chain but is not a quality food...

Petsmart has Authority there brand which is very reasonable and reasonabley good ingrediants...

foods to look for

California Natural
Chicken soup
Solid gold

the top two have the best fatty acid profiles ... the top one is garenteeted for skin and coat but Cal Natural profiles are better
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OK guys, thank you all so much. I moved 1600 miles from snow, I don't want to be seeing it in my babies coats. Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
I'll ask the same...but meanwhile I do give them brewers yeast with garlic (it's a tab) when moulting
Sharky - I just wanted to get your thoughts on the above. I was under the impression that garlic is not good for cats and I'm not all that sure about the yeast either.
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Garlic issue per my vet which fall s with what I have read ... NO GARLIC for CATS.... The accupucturist( who is a vet) said garlic only in small does as a medicine ...

The yeast is very good provided kitty is not sensitive
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I just wanted to add that I have noticed a huge improvement with Chessy's coat after switching him to California Natural. He is much softer. So you might want to try that food. Emily's coat has always been beautiful so hers is about the same.
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Brewers Yeast is complete B Vits and the garlic is trace vet recommended it actually! Royal Jelly works better...but pricier.

Good news on the coat improvement!
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