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Owning 2 cats?

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How much harder is it to take care of two cats versus one cat?

Yesterday I got a call from Ceci's foster mom. We hadnt spoken for about a month and she just called to see how Ceci was adapting. Well we got into the conversation of adding a second cat and she told me it would be great because she would have company. But what Im thinking is fights/vet visits/food and the closeness I have with Ceci. I feel that if I get another cat that she will bond closer with him/her and that it wont be the same 'my-world-revolves-around-you' type of thing.

But as many people have said here 'Once you have one you have to have more' If I were to get her a buddy it wouldnt be for another 6-8 months so she has enough time to adapt to her new household and to be queen of her home before another cat comes in.

Also this may sound a bit shallow but I want to hold out for a Siamese mix/pointed cat. My first and only cat (outdoor) was a GORGEOUS possible Siamese mix with faint points, cream colored all over with a white stripe on her face and white paws. She was gorgeous with her big blue eyes and the love of my life. If I could find a baby with similar markings it would be the icing on my cake and would be the last addition to my cat household.

So throw it at me, what are the pro's and con's of having two cats?
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I love having two cats! Two is no harder to take care of than one, and they keep each other company when I'm at work. The best thing of all is that there are more of them to love.

The only negative I can think of is that they may not get along right away, but if you do the introduction process properly it should work out fine!
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I found two just as easy to care for as one. And three just as easy as two.

I feel that if I get another cat that she will bond closer with him/her and that it wont be the same 'my-world-revolves-around-you' type of thing.
For me, it was more that I had two (now three) cats whose world revolves around me. I'm still the Almighty Goddess of the Canopener. They still seek me out when they want attention. They just tend to do their nightly freakouts with each other now, instead of attacking my ankles.
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Except for the increased expenses for food and vet care, I'm loving having two cats! Ginger is much less lonely, and I love to watch them play together.

Two cats is twice the love!!!
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We started out with two Sisters so having them both from the start wasn't a problem.
We later add another female and I didn't find it anymore difficult to take care of three than it was to take care of two.
We're "planning" on adding a fourth very soon and I"m sure it'll take a while for them to all except each other and of course there's the increased expense of extra food and vet bills ( as the other poster mentioned )...but other than that I don't expect it to be anymore difficult to take care of four than it is to take care of three.
I look at it this way, it'll just be four times the love
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The only thing that would go up is vet check ups and more food. I have 6 plus 2 litters coming lol and it wasn't much having just the 3. Like i said you just buy more and spend more on shots etc.
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Most cats do like company. Very few are "only" cats. I've had 2 females (Russian blue and a Cornish Rex) who prefered to be only cats.

Its nice when you are working or go on vacation to have your cat a buddy. I don't think its any problem with 2 cats. Its when you start going beyond about 4 cats you run into more problems.

Go ahead and adopt a buddy for your cat - they will thank you. Just take introductions slowly, so they won't be too upset.

We will be adopting an Ocicat in the spring. We have a cat and a dog, but if we go on vacation, the dog gets to stay with friends - the cats are better off at home, but then they will have each other to play with.
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I am in the same boat! I just got a note from the guy I got my 8 month old kitty from. My cat's mom just had another litter they are fostering (she was a stray -- they did manage to catch her and spay her this time!). So, this would be my kitty's half-sister or half-brother (or maybe full who knows!).

I keep going back and forth also. My problem is my 4 year old somewhat annoys the cat we have now so I don't know if I can handle yelling at her about another one -- but she won't be four forever!
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Originally Posted by meow meow View Post
I keep going back and forth also. My problem is my 4 year old somewhat annoys the cat we have now so I don't know if I can handle yelling at her about another one -- but she won't be four forever!
OMG that is another thing. My 16 month old son is obsessed with Ceci. He hears that bell and he is taking off after her. Bless him though, he is really excellent with her.

Her favorite spot is under his crib and he will crawl under there and just stare at her, wont pull on her tail or try to grab her or anything. When shes on my lap and purrs DS will put his hand on her throat and smile. He doesnt physically bother her but im sure it is stressful having a 2 1/2 foot whirlwind hunting you down then staring at you for what seems like forever
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This may not apply to you but we had Maui for only about a month before the kittens arrived, and I'm glad we didn't wait much longer!

It was a little difficult introducing him to the babies- he did NOT like having them around at all and would get (and still gets) jealous of both of them. I think his "authority/seniority" was threatened, he got too comfortable being momma's baby and the only child, so when Beans & Skunk came around he had a really hard time adjusting to his siblings. I can only imagine how bad he would've been if we waited a lot longer. It was totally unexpected too- I would've thought it was going to be a breeze with the intro's because of his temperment. He's not mean or anything at all- he's the most loving cat but he still growls at the kittens if they get near his food or his bed! Other than that he gets along really well with them now. But like I said- it depends on your situation!

Back to the main question- aside from feeding, keeping up on the litter, and taking them to the vet when there is something wrong, what else is there to taking care of a cat??? The rest is all fun if you ask me so I definitely wouldn't mind having more than one.... which is why we have three! I almost took in a fourth but I knew Chad would kill me if I did!
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