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Good Morning from New Mexico

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Hello, fellow cat lovers. I am new here to the forum and am really looking forward to the fellowship. I am the crazy cat lady in my area. Currently there are 4 permanent residents; Holly (7 yr old grey tabby); Dianna (2 1/2 yr old Calico); Annie (1 1/2 yr old Calico) and Shadow (1 yr old Black Male). I am also cat-sitting my granddaughters 2 6 mo old kittens until they get settled in their new house in Boise; Gus (orange male) and Whiskers (black felmale). I also do a little rescue work. In my area there are a lot of barns with barn cats. And when the neighbors find a litter in distress they bring them to me. I nurse them to health and then find them loving forever homes. Currently there are 8 babies ranging in age from 14 weeks to the lastest at about 5 weeks. I also have my 2 kitty foster moms Maggie and Dottie. They are a mother and daughter Austrailian Shepards. Both dogs have taken to mothering baby kittens like they were thier own.
I am looking forward to sharing with all of you. If you would like to see pics of the babies my web address is http://cgclements.com
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Welcome to TCS! Nice cats, and thanks for doing your part for the barn cats and strays! See you in the forums!
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Hi! I'm Susie, and a big welcome to our family of kitty lovers here at TCS! We so look forward to reading more about your and what sounds like a wonderful fur family!!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!

I´m from Mexico!... can you speak spanish my friend?...HOLA AMIGO!

See you on the forums!
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Dear trinettec:

Welcome to TheCatSite and thank you not only for adopting, but for spaying/neutering and rescuing! Very important work and we all need to be doing it whenever the situation warrants. Visited your blog; my deepest sympathies on the passing of the adorable tiny Snoball and I have been through so many losses myself, I know how this feels. Thanks for being a crazy cat lady -- all the best people are, unless, of course, they're sane cat men!
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Welcome to TCS, It sounds like you have your hands full!!
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